September 23, 2021

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Voldemort Puda chases European Commission on KPO affair.  "China and US have already started with investments"

Voldemort Puda chases European Commission on KPO affair. “China and US have already started with investments”

At what point is the National Reconstruction Plan adopted? Hard to say. The European Commission has not yet accepted it and has not submitted any comments in a timely manner. Formally, time is running out in early August, but there is no answer yet. Instead, there is the option of negotiating sub-negotiations. As Voltaim Puda says, unilateral desire is because Poland has no intention of making any changes.

– It is important that no mention is made of Poland showing the need for change. I would like to get KPO approval in September – Voltaire Puta, deputy minister of finance and regional policy, told Graffiti in the Bolshoi News. – I do not have such information. We are not proposing changes to the KPO – He added that the European Commission wanted to propose further amendments.

China and the United States are fleeing

The Deputy Minister also pointed out that there should be reconstruction plans instead of the EU for the crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Since China and the United States have already implemented similar support mechanisms, delays in their adoption could adversely affect the competitiveness of member economies.

– Reconstruction Fund is a COVID-19 Response Fund. We must be as active as the EU. China has already started with investments, as well as the US, and Europe continues to be surprised. We as a whole EU, without looking at the interests of one country or another – he said.

KPO this year?

However, the Polish government hopes that money from the National Development Plan will start coming to Poland this year. – I hope we close this topic this year – Voldemort Puda promised.

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