October 19, 2021

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volleyball.  Alberto Giuliani for Vital Heynen?  An unexpected candidate for the coach of the Polish national team

volleyball. Alberto Giuliani for Vital Heynen? An unexpected candidate for the coach of the Polish national team

Giuliani announced his farewell to the Slovenian national team on Instagram on Tuesday. He summarized three seasons with the team, during which he achieved some historical results for Slovenian volleyball. The greatest successes are two silver medals at the European Championship and fourth place in the League of Nations.

“The last result showed that Slovenian volleyball is on the way to achieving more serious results. It’s time to thank all the boys from the team and the coaching staff for their commitment and willingness to improve every day “- the Italian coach wrote in his profile. He also thanked the head of the Slovenian Football Association and the fans for their trust, but did not reveal anything about his future.

Giuliani took charge of the Slovenian national team in 2019. His latest success was a silver medal at the European Championships, which he won on Sunday in Katowice. After a romantic encounter The Slovenians lost 2-3 against Italy. And earlier, in the semi-finals, after a fierce battle, they closed the door to gold with “white and red”, defeating them 3-1.

The 57-year-old has cemented his international standing with fruitful work with Slovenia. Having become vacant, he became one of the candidates for the Polish national team. Heinen, who has managed him since 2018, said goodbye to the team and the fans.It is true that the future of the team will be decided by the new board of directors of the Polish Volleyball Federation, which will be elected next week, but the Belgian himself admits that his chances of continuing to work with the male staff are “extremely slim”.

It is likely that PZPS will announce a competition for a new coach and Giuliani will be able to participate in it. If he chooses to do so, he will automatically become a strong candidate for a new manager. Apart from the successes with rivals “BIao-Czerwony”, he knows the Polish reality well – he is the goalkeeper of Asseco Resovia, with whom he was fifth in PlusLiga last season, and in December he extended his contract for two years. The problem may lie in a possible combination of working with the national team and club, which the volleyball center has viewed in a somewhat devious manner thus far. Giuliani previously worked with clubs from Italy and Turkey, and in 2015-2016 led the Slovakia national team.

After the bronze medal for the Poles, the pool of names for Heynen’s potential successors to the European Championships was launched. Initially, Nikola Gerbic and Lorenzo Bernardi expressed their readiness to coach the Polish team, and Andrea Gardini and Igor Kulakovic are also among the candidates. The best among the Polish coaches is the actions of Michal Winarski, Marius Surdel and Jakob Bednarok.

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