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volleyball. Poland – Serbia: Live Scores & Live Report – Volleyball Nations League 2021 | Eurosport on TVN24

volleyball.  Poland - Serbia: Live Scores & Live Report - Volleyball Nations League 2021 |  Eurosport on TVN24

Poland-Serbia 1:0 (26:24, Group B in progress)

New information just came out – show me

8:3 – After a great “Kyoka” for Semenyuk.

7: 3 – the third ace service, then the attack on the Serbian strip.

4:3 – after the Podracanin block.

4: 0 – a great start for the Poles. Serbs lost.

26:24 – After Lyon attacked after a counterattack, the Poles advanced 1-0 in groups. The second batch in an instant.

25:24 – A beautiful “darling” block and poles with a fixed ball!

24:24 – Same is Kochanovsky’s answer and we have a great game.

23:24 – Krsmanovic in the middle and first set for the Serbs.

23:23 – After Hopper’s short attack, we have a tie.

22:22 – Great work from both sides and at the end a nice attack from Zone Six of Leon.

21:21 – After the Bartosh Cork attack. But emotions!

Urdu: Getty Images Wilfredo Leon, world volleyball star

20:21 – Lyon received poorly and the Serbs took the lead from a pass.

20:19 – a triple block from the Poles, and before that, Semenyuk’s breakthrough attack.

18:19 – Perić found his place at the table in a stunning fashion and made his way across the Polish block.

18:17 – Great block from Semeniuka and the Poles in the lead.

17:17 – Leon in the car opposition, but in the moment Ivovich from the service to the cars and we have a tie.

15:16 – Serbia advances during the second technical break. It is a very well balanced game.

14:14 – the first point in the attack, then the block. Semeniuk looks great.

12:13 – Atanasijevi does a great service. Poles have a problem with admission.

12:11 – After Kamil Semeniuk’s attack, one of the biggest discoveries in recent months in Polish volleyball.

11:11 – Ace Wilfredo and one more!

10:9 – in the service of Leon. The speed was approximately 120 km per hour. However, a few minutes ago, the Poles were losing 4: 7.

9:9 – Superb attack from Couric’s left side and tied.

6:8 – After Ivovic’s attack by two points, the Serbs go to the first technical break.

6:7 – after a gentle attack from Leon.

5:7 – It is worth recalling that the League of Nations is a very important event for the Serbs. Slobodan Kovac is not going to Tokyo.

2: 4 – a good start for Alexander Atanasevich, who will play with Skra Picato in the new season.

2:3 – Cork’s attack went wrong, but he ran into a difficult situation.

And so it seems that the Serbs are sitting: Krsmanovic, Ivović, Podraskanin, Atanasevich, Jovović, Peric, as well as Bikovic (Libro)

1:1 – Leon is blocked in the first action.

We’re starting the meeting!

The Poles will start with: Kurek, Drzyzga, Semeniuk, Leon, Kochanowski, Huber and Libero Zatorski.

The Serbs play in the strongest team.

This time, Tomas Fornall and Bartosz Bednorz, who played on Friday, are not among the fourteen. The squad does not include Pyotr Novakovsky, who is suffering from an injury.

It can be said that the matches between Poles and Serbs have been a classic in recent years. In general, we have good memories of the last matches, but we always face a very difficult opponent.

Here is part of the match between the Dutch and the Japanese.

Polish volleyball players are already on the field. Serbs are the current European champions, and our players are bronze medalists.

It is already known that the second meeting of the Poles in the League of Nations will begin on 16.15.

Now the hall is cleared, after which the players of Poland and Serbia will appear to warm up. It is difficult to schedule the meeting. Definitely not going to be 16.

The Netherlands-Japan match just ended, started at 13, and the Asians eventually won 3-2. They were already losing 0:2.

The meeting in Rimini is getting closer and closer. However, the match will be delayed and not start on the 16th.

The schedule is very tight. Surely every competitor will get his chance. The stakes are huge – a place in the lineup for the Olympic tournament in Tokyo.

On Friday, Heynen did not tap the team’s biggest star. However, it must be admitted that our determinant has a real problem with wealth.

The Italians left no illusions about the opening of the tournament. They won smoothly 3-0.

Welcome and we invite you to the second match of the Polish volleyball players this year. In the second round of the Nations League, Vital Heinen players will face Serbia.

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