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volleyball. Russia – Poland: Live Scores and Live Report – Volleyball players in the Nations League 2021 | Eurosport on TVN24

volleyball.  Russia - Poland: Live Scores and Live Report - Volleyball players in the Nations League 2021 |  Eurosport on TVN24

Russia – Poland 25:21, 19:25 (the third group is underway).

New information just came out – show me

19:25. We win! Zatorsky was well received, and Leon finished.

19:24. The opponents are still defending themselves.

18:24. The 27-year-old struck again.

Łomacz and Kaczmarek on the field.

18:22. Volkov was wrong.

18:21. Mosirsky uses his reach. We remind you that he is 218 cm tall.

17:21. The Russians’ problems with receiving. We have another point.

5:20 pm. Lyon rehabilitated. We run away from this place.

Heinen answers. broken on request.

17:19. Mikhailov threatens to play again.

4:19 pm. Leon stopped in an apartment building.

15:19. Competitors are now finishing the business.

14:19. Bieniek hit by sending in Wołków. This can not.

14:18. Semyszew moved on to send, but none of it. Leon ends his attack.

14:17. Kubiak was a little wrong.

13:17. Nowakowski finishes the job.

1:16 pm. Volkov was in the air cunningly. Then hit the ball hard against the block.

12:16. Competitors touch the net. We have a point and a rest.

12:15 pm. There was a block again, but the ball hit the car.

11:15. Poles block! Key stop.

11:14. Mosersky in the bar.

11:13. Moments later, it broke.

10:13. Stopping did not help Leon. The opponent’s record directly from the transmission.

block, bar, pitch. We have a point!

The challenge to the Russians. They suggest that the Poles touched the net.

10:12. Mikhailov blocked. important point!

10:11. Mosirsky finished another attack.

9:11. Leon answers. Russian block lost.

9:10. Muserski as a measure.

8:10. The left side is getting better and better. Leon scored now.

7:9. Great mood from the left.

7:8. Try to surprise the competitors of Drzyzga. The ball is in the net.

6:8. Moses is effective in attack. Artistic break.

6: 7. Another point for the Russians. There is almost nothing left of the feature.

5:7. Wolwicz Inside.

Nowakowski for Bieńek.

4: 7. Muserski’s Minor Cars.

4: 6. The Poles got a little lost in this business. Kubiak blocked.

3:6. Leon was right, but Cloca finished brilliantly.

2:6. The chain of broken licks continues.

2:5. Moses is the same.

15. Mikhailov is also in cars.

1:4. Beinic from a play in the car.

0: 4. Another Russian error. Mikhailov hit the car.

0:3. Now we play Block! Great start.

0:2. Leon cleverly puts on top of the block.

0:1. The Poles start the second set well.

25:21. Lyon took the opportunity, but hit the net. Russia wins the first set.

24:21. In the end! The Poles defend the first group ball.

24:20. The Poles are stuck in one position. Still Mikhailov.

23:20. Mikhailov is still crazy about the service.

10:20 pm. Leon was looking for a block, but failed. The challenge shows that the Russians did not touch the ball.

Another break for the whites and reds.

21:20. The Russians are driving. Kluka finishes the long work.

Heinen asked what time.

20:20. The Poles are unable to cope with the attack. Mozaj’s arrest.

19:20. The Whites and the Reds do not finish their attack. The Russians took advantage of it.

18:20. Volkov ends diagonally.

5:20 pm. Same answers Sborna.

17:19. Pennick hit differently. Unfortunately, he missed.

The Russians are asking for a break.

4:18 pm. Lyon ends diagonally.

Bieniek returns to the field.

4:17 pm. The Russians completed the operation twice. In the end they beat our group and the ball flew into the car.

15:17. The competitors are wrong, too.

15:16. Drzyzga collapses after the break.

The Russians protested, but nothing. Second technical break.

14:16. Confusion under the net now, but Kobiak uses the situational ball!

2:15 pm. Muzaj takes our team to the fore. However, it all started with the wonderful Drzyzgi website.

14:14. Poles play block. Nowakowski specifically!

14:13. Now he was wrong. Aut.

14:12. And now hits directly from the transmission.

13:12. short shift. Mosersky ends.

12:12. Great car from Wołkow service.

12:11. The Russians dealt with the reception. Mikhailov hits diagonally.

11:11. Lyon scores straight from the serve. He was very lucky that the ball danced to the net.

11:10. Zatorski gets a great reception, and Kłos ends up on the inside.

11:9. The second time he failed.

10: 9. Serve an ace mood!

10:8. How beautifully done Leon.

10: 7. Mikhailov from the right wing.

9: 7. Kluka spoils the service.

9: 6. Quick response from the Russians. Also in the middle.

8: 6. Nowakowski successfully finishes work.

8:5. First technical break. So far, the Russians are practically right.

7:5. Volkov ends the work on the second line.

6:5. Competitors spoil the site.

6:4. He sacrificed the mozas, jumped over the fence and saved the ball. But the Russians finished all the work.

5:4. From the left flank of Kluk.

Pyotr Novakovsky inside the stadium. He changed Bieńek.

4: 3. Longer work for the Russians. Too bad for Zatorski’s great defense.

3:3. Leon hits the net now.

2: 3. Attack from the second line. Wilfredo Leon!

2: 2. A great mass of white and red!

2:1 Obija block Muserski.

1: 1. The mood is over, too.

1: 0. Volkov completed the first attack.

The Poles begin. In the service of Bieniek.

Here is a list of White-Reds: Muzaj, Drzyzga, Leon, Kubiak, Bieniek, Kłos and Zatorki (Libero).

Russian team: Woolwich, Volkov, Bankov, Mosiersky, Mikhailov, Kluka, Golubio (Libero).

Today’s match will be officiated by Vladimir Simonovic of Serbia as the main referee.

Let’s Begin! Gangster submission is underway!

The start of the match in Rimini goes on. All because of the previous clash of five hundred between France and Japan.

The match is about to begin. Both teams to warm up.

In 20 minutes, the Poles and the Russians should be on the field.

What kind of players will Vital Heinen bet on today? Recently, the injured Marcin Janosz had to leave the training camp.

There is just over half an hour left until the start of the match. Emotions escalate.

The Poles have one point less. In this year’s championship they lost only once – 1: 3 with Slovenia.

We welcome you and invite you to the next match of the Polish national team in the League of Nations. Today they face a difficult task. They will play Russia, which is the best team on the field, after five matches.

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