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Volleyball World Championship 2022. Sokolov: Poland “killed” us with the serve, we have to change everything for the match with the USA …

Volleyball World Championship 2022. Sokolov: Poland "killed" us with the serve, we have to change everything for the match with the USA ...

Poland beat Bulgaria in three sets in their first match at this year’s World Cup. The star of our opponent, Sveton Sokolov, did not hide his disappointment after this match.

Bulgaria captain Svetan Sokolov said that if they want to perform well in the second match against the USA, they will have to change everything from the match against Poland.
– Poland simply ‘killed’ us with service and it worked. They risked a lot and got everything that was coming to them. I don’t think we lost the first game. “Hey this is the Polish team, what are you going to do against them?” We didn’t have to think about things like, early on, we just had to play our game, have fun and do our best. It didn’t work, but it will work in the next game, and it will be different. Needless to say, almost everything in the American game had to change. “We have to go out in a completely different way,” he was quoted as saying by the Telegraph (Bulgarian daily).

In turn, the coach of the Bulgarian national team, Nikolay Zeliasko, also praised our class, noting the excellent service of the Poles.
– The competition with Poland is significantly different from the control with Canada, in which the Polish team is currently one of the best and is the world champion. The class is huge! They made our reception difficult, they made 6 errors with 10 aces and we couldn’t organize our game. We couldn’t organize our attack and then they blocked us with a high ball. At one point, we improved our reception so we were able to attack more effectively and sometimes we made it difficult for them to start the game, so our game improved. However, when we were leading by 2 points, the Poles were taking a break and then someone was going to serve, and they were able to make up the difference with this element – as quoted by the Telegraph (Bulgarian newspaper).

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