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Volvo FH 440 2013 traveled 2 million kilometers with only one driver

Volvo FH 440 2013 traveled 2 million kilometers with only one driver

The third generation Volvo FH, with its split headlights and Euro 5 engines, is the model that has gained great popularity. It is fondly remembered by many carriers, and those who use it to this day can still count on a high resale value. No wonder the version of the image above deserves to stand out.

The truck pictured is a Volvo FH 440 from 2013. Last month, this nine-year-old tractor drove 2 million kilometers without opening the engine, gearbox or differential. All these key components have remained completely original. Moreover, such a long distance was achieved with the same driver, traveling in one crew and their average number is 220 thousand. kilometers per year. And as if that wasn’t enough, it all happened with a transmission that used two-trailer assemblies, so the 440 hp engine was often 56 tons to drive on seven or eight axles.

The above story is from South Africa, from NJ Geldenhuys Vervoer. This also explains the higher mileage per crew, as trucks can reach speeds of 100 km/h in South Africa, and the infrastructure and terrain also help cover long distances. In many ways, this is similar to the Australian real, where it also gets great mileage. Although the carrier himself assures that the driver himself was also a significant contribution. It is expressed in the following words: All this demonstrates what can be achieved by combining a high-quality car, adequate service and a first-class driver. This driver, Cosi Fredericks, is also seen in the photo on our right.

This is what the NJ Geldenhuys Vervoer range looks like:

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