October 23, 2021

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Vosco EV2 introduced.  This is the new Polish electric car

Vosco EV2 introduced. This is the new Polish electric car

Vosco EV2 is a development of prototype structures created by Polfarmex and AMZ Kutno. The car is based on a special support frame made of stainless steel, developed in Kutno. The chassis was developed under the direction of Damien Wolinski (one of the winners of the Polish electric mobility competition and the maker of the concept car “Bolognese” built in Kutno).

The Vosco EV2 body measures 4221 mm in length, 1719 mm in width and 1513 mm in height. Wheelbase 2540 mm. The manufacturer describes its car as a four-seater of class B (that is, small city cars, in this segment we can find, among other things, Opel Corsa E).

A lithium-ion battery with NMC technology is installed in the center tunnel and under the rear seats of the Vosco EV2. Its power is 31.5 kWh, which – in theory at least – covers up to 290 kilometers on a single charge, according to the WLTP standard, which is about 210 kilometers in real traffic.

The whole car weighs 1480 kg, the battery weighs 280 kg.

The electrical system operates at 700 volts, and the relatively small battery capacity has its advantages. The vehicle is equipped with a CCS Combo 2 socket, which allows charging at a speed of 30 kilowatt-hours (DC). A full charge with a universal charger takes about 1 hour. In addition, Vosco has an internal charger with a capacity of 3.3 kWh, thanks to which it will take 10-11 hours to fully charge the battery from the domestic socket.

The power source is an electric motor of 115 kW / 156 hp (peak power 175 kW / 235 hp) generating from 350 to 450 Nm (peak). The maximum speed is set at 140 km / h, and the driveline uses a continuously variable transmission.

Equipment should include, among other things, electric front windows, electric handbrake, air conditioning, heated windshield, reversing camera or full LED lighting. The car also has, among other things, a drive mode switch (economy, normal, sport) and an on-board infotainment system based on a 9-inch touchscreen located in the center console.

As representatives of the manufacturer assure, the Vosco EV2 is a car that is technically ready for production. Supply chains secured, 85 percent. Spare parts come from Poland, or – further – from Europe.

There is only one problem – money. One element of an investor search strategy is a presentation at a lodge. As the manufacturer admits, an amount of 1-2 billion PLN is needed to start serial production. If someone is willing to put up with such money, then the first series Vosco EV2 may be delivered to showrooms within a year, and it is assumed that several thousand cars will be produced annually.

And the price? Well, here we can only speculate for now. However, it can be suspected that it will not exceed the level of 100,000. zlotys.


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