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VR glasses that will kill the player after a virtual death – Oculus creator is working on a controversial project

VR glasses that will kill the player after a virtual death - Oculus creator is working on a controversial project

Virtual reality is a technology that has great potential and is of interest to many users and producers. Creating an entirely alternate universe, the metaverse, where one is able to experience the generated ideas as deeply as possible is a problem that keeps many tech visionaries up at night – despite many opposing situations. The Oculus Rift author shared a great idea for new gear.

In the latest entry, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR and creator of the Oculus Rift glasses, shared the idea of ​​creating a highly controversial virtual reality headset that would take the player experience to a whole different level. It can be said that it is quite a risk… well The entrepreneur plans to set up NerveGear goggles, which, using an extensive interface, are able to kill the user – if they are lost in the virtual world.

As Loki points out, NerveGear will perfectly reflect reality and force players to meticulously analyze the action in virtual reality. In the end, the game will be the highest stakes game.

“You want NerveGear, an amazing device that perfectly recreates reality via a direct neural interface that is also capable of killing the user. The idea of ​​connecting real life with a virtual avatar has always fascinated me – instantly the stakes were maxed and people were forced to fundamentally rethink how Their interaction with the virtual world and players. Huge graphics can make the game look more realistic, but only the threat of serious consequences can make the game real for you and others. This is an area of ​​video game mechanics that has never been explored, despite the long history of real disciplines that revolve around similar topics.

The creator revealed that he is in the middle of the process of creating a controversial group – Unfortunately, he has not yet focused on the most perfect view of an alternate reality, but on the way to end the user’s life. Apparently, it takes a few more years to set up the perfect VR set, while he combined three explosive units with a narrow-band optical sensor that detects screen flickering in a certain way, which could indicate a loss during the game.

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However, at this point in production, the NerveGear is a highly defective device that could kill a person at the worst of times. Therefore, the project has not yet been tested on humans.

This is clearly not a perfect system. I am planning an anti-tamper mechanism which, as with the NerveGear, will prevent removal or damage to the headset. However, there are a huge amount of crashes that can happen and kill the user at the wrong time.”

The idea of ​​a deeper immersion in virtual reality is very interesting, however, the development of new technologies should become the beginning of a discussion about the ethical side of this project. Palmer’s Loki idea, while innovative, may have a lot of opponents.

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