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Wales-Ukraine: The result and coverage of Sunday’s match – the final play-off of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Wales-Ukraine: The result and coverage of Sunday's match - the final play-off of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The match was scheduled for March, but due to the armed aggression of Russia, the meetings of the Ukrainians were postponed. A few days ago, they defeated the Scots in the semi-finals. The Welsh team won passage to the finals much earlier, in March, and eliminated the Austrians.

Just as it happened a few days ago in Glasgow, which is the same now in Cardiff, Ukrainian footballers took to the pitch draped in their country’s flags and can count on the support of the many people huddled in the stands.

Source: Getty Images The decisive match between Ukraine and Wales was held in Cardiff

Source: Getty Images Ukrainian football players before the start of the whistle

Ukrainians entered the meeting better. They dictate terms, especially at the beginning. They were able to push the hosts to the defense, and not the other way around. They have seriously hired their goalkeeper many times.

Several minutes before the whistle blown, they themselves orchestrated the disaster in the penalty area. Andriy Yarmolenko wanted to pass Gareth Bale’s cross from a free kick, which he unfortunately did so much that he overpowered his fellow crossbars.

Before the end of the first leg, it was hot this time under Wales’ goal. In one of the confrontations, Yarmolenko fell and the guests demanded a penalty kick. The arbitrator found no violation of the rules.

Source: Getty Images Yarmolenko defeated his team’s goalkeeper

Perfect goalkeeper kick

The visitors attempted to level the score once the match resumed. A great opportunity wasted by Victor Sihanko, who hit very lightly from a clean position up to ten metres. It was close after a shot from distance by Ruslan Malinovsky.

Guests struggled to make up for the losses with increased determination. They were slowly betting everything on one card and it was close, and a few minutes before the end the Welshman was closing the match. Brennan Johnson, who hit the post, missed the opportunity to boost the score, and Bale’s rebound went straight to the goalkeeper.

The Ukrainians had one excellent chance to equalise. The Welsh goalkeeper saved Artem Dubik’s shot.

We know the next participant

This year’s World Championships takes place from November 21 to December 18. The date is unusual, so far the World Cup was held mainly in June and July, but due to the climate in Qatar, it will be impossible to hold the event in the summer.

Wales plays in a group with Iran, the United States of America and England.

Video: Imago Wales qualified for the 2022 World Cup

Qatar 2022 World Cup kits

Group A
1. Qatar
2. Ecuador
3. Senegal
4. Holland

group b
1. England
2. Iran
3. USA
4. Wales

group c.
1. Argentina
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Mexico
4. Poland

group d
1. France
2. United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru
3. Denmark
4. Tunisia

Group E
1. Spain
2. Costa Rica / New Zealand
3. Germany
4. Japan

F . group
1. Belgium
2. Canada
3. Morocco
4. Croatia

Group G
1. Brazil
2. Serbia
3. Switzerland
4. Cameroon

group H.
1. Portugal
2. Ghana
3. Uruguay
4. South Korea

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