October 21, 2021

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Wall on the border with Belarus.  Skrzypczak: For that money, it's probably gold

Wall on the border with Belarus. Skrzypczak: For that money, it’s probably gold

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On Thursday, October 14, 274 deputies supported the wall construction law, 174 opposed, and one politician abstained. The law passed in the Chamber of Deputies aims to speed up the administrative process related to the construction of the dam on the border with Belarus.

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The PiS wants to build a wall on the border. What does the left say?

A wall will be erected on the border with Belarus. Its cost is 1615 million PLN

old Wall, which is located on the Polish-Belarus border, will consume 1615 million PLN. General Waldemar Skrzybczak did not hide his surprise when he learned how much was to be paid for the dam. – for like this pieni ± dze They probably build it from gold – summed up in the “Fact” the former head of the Ground Forces, Waldemar Skrzybchak.

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In his opinion, the technology that was used to build bases should be used in missions to build the wall army in Iraq or Afghanistan. – We were building from these tall concrete slabs. It can be installed, it is durable, but it can also be disassembled very quickly, said Valdemar Skrzybchak. He noted that when building the wall erected by the government, Poland will remain fenced even when Lukashenka and some Face.

The wall is scheduled to effectively separate the border with Belarus. “The current firewall is insufficient”

Law and Justice MP Jaroslav Zelensky previously stated that the dam would effectively protect the border Belarus against the attempts of refugees and migrants to cross it. In his opinion, the existing dam “is very easy to cross, so it should be replaced by a more solid dam”. For safety reasons details Technical investments are classified.

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The project was also supported by the Polish People’s Party. But Krzysztof Paszek criticizes the deputy peasant cost Investment implementation. In his opinion, they are too high. According to the deputy of the PSL, the Prime Minister must request a meeting of the European Council to obtain a portion of this amount from European Union.

To date, on the eastern borders of the Republic of Poland, in selected areas, a spiral fence (concertinas) with a total length of 113 meters has been installed. How many. Until September 29, an additional 123,891 meters of fence in the form of vertically applied columns and clamps were laid in the border area.