September 22, 2021

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Wanted to invest in shares of Orlen - was cheated on 6.5 thousand.  zloty

Wanted to invest in shares of Orlen – was cheated on 6.5 thousand. zloty

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Police press officer in Biacha, Sgt. Wojciech told Zesut that an officer approached them by a high-ranking official who wanted to invest his money in the alleged shares of BKN Orlin. The policeman noted that while searching for information on the Internet, the man filled out a form and was contacted by a “personal financial analyst”.

Zizut noted that conversations between the victim and the pseudo-analyst continued for several weeks. The criminal built trust every day and pointed out different investment styles. The guy finally made a transfer of over 6000. PLN for your first investment. At that time, the criminal, who was conducting daily conversations, managed to convince the listener to install the “ANYDESK” application, which was an analytical tool that was able to invest money – the policeman said.

In order to be credible in the eyes of the aggrieved party, the fraudster paid the largest $100, which was to be the first profit from the investment. According to Zeszot, it was likely part of the amount converted into currency previously transferred to the fraudsters by a Piła resident. At some point, however, those interested in investing began to suspect fraud. Ask for help from the policemen of Bella – note zissut.

The police who dealt with the case revealed that the “ANYDESK” program was installed on the phone and computer of the complainant. – At the request of the officers, the man immediately blocked access to an Internet bank account, payment cards and blocked identification documents. The malicious application was immediately blocked by the officers, and all the data collected was secured as evidence – the policeman indicated.

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The injured admitted to the police that his bank account, which he uses on a daily basis, was also allocated to him an additional account on which he accumulated savings throughout his life. – Every time the computer was turned on, all its contents, along with the operations performed, were visible to criminals. Thanks to the quick reaction of the man and the policemen, more frauds were thwarted – Zeszot emphasized.