June 19, 2021

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Warning in the Swedish national team!  The star of the Polish national team in Euro 2020 is infected with the Corona virus!  Polish representation

Warning in the Swedish national team! The star of the Polish national team in Euro 2020 is infected with the Corona virus! Polish representation

about infection Kulusevsky The Swedish Federation reported at a press conference on Tuesday. The footballer will be isolated from the rest of the team, but it is not suspected that there will be more cases of coronavirus in the Swedish national team.

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An important figure in the Swedish national team with the Corona virus! He will not play in the first match in the Euro!

Doctor staffAnders Valentine says he tested positive Corona virus Kuluseveski is not a “spot” of infection in the team, but only an individual case, but the subsequent tests that Swedish footballers will pass in three days will show whether the effects of this infection will be more dangerous for her.

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According to him, Kulusevsky was supposed to have contracted the infection during the holiday that the Swedish footballers received this week. – We have isolated him and we hope that no one else will be infected – Valentin noted, citing the portal “em-fotboll.se”.

What about Kulusevsky’s Toys On European Championship? The player will certainly not play in the first match of the Swedish group stage with Spain in Seville. He will not travel there with the whole group, and at the same time he will not be assigned an additional player. Kulusevski last season Italian Serie A He scored four goals for Juventus and three assists. In the national team he played 13 matches and scored one goal.

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Another competitor has problems. Earlier, the Spaniards sent Busquets to Barcelona

This is the second Polish competitor in Group E na euroWho has a problem with one of his players. “Last week before euro It happens to the Spaniards in the worst possible scenario. Sergio Busquets was infected with the Corona virus and returned to him by ambulance Barcelona. More than 50 staff members, including football players, ended up in isolation. Instead of peace, there are nerves and questions – not only for Luis Enrique, but also for government representatives who did not give the green light to vaccinate athletes ”- wrote Sport.pl journalist Jakub Kręcidło about the situation of the Spaniards.

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who – which Sweden The Poles will play in the last match of the group stage. It is scheduled to begin on June 23 at 18:00. Reports from the entire European Championship on Sport.pl and in the Sport.pl LIVE app.