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Warning: The trailer for the “365 Days” continuation has been released online. Netizens lose their hands: “for what sins”

Warning: The trailer for the "365 Days" continuation has been released online.  Netizens lose their hands: "for what sins"

When it seemed impossible to make a movie worse than the director’s “365 Days” Barbara Beaufoss I decided to prove to all the critics that they were wrong. In this way, the continuation of the sensational nightmare, which premiered in April of this year, was rated 2.0 on the web film portal. Abroad, the opinions of viewers and critics were also not very enthusiastic, which did not affect the fact that, according to Netflix’s ranking, the erotic show was The most watched movie in 75 countries.

It has long been known that the third part of the controversial series, entitled “Another 365 Days”, will be available on the streaming platform immediately after the second part. as revealed Blanca LipinskaBoth films were shot simultaneously in Italy.

The rest of the article is below the video

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The third installment of the thrilling production, titled “Another 365 Days,” will appear on Netflix on August 19, but viewers can see a preview of the movie. In the segment shared on YouTube, we can see Olga playing Olga Magdalena LamparskaWho trusts Natalia Siwick, who plays Emi. See in another scene Michel Moroni He stands over his brother’s grave. accompanying him to the cemetery Simon SosinOr the Nacho Film.

It wasn’t long before the trailer saw comments from netizens, the negative comments outnumbered.

This is perhaps the longest dialogue of the three parts;

It didn’t even take them 365 days to score another super exciting movie. I wonder how much they spent on dialogues.

Lou please. for any sins.

Blanca will make millions again from a stale movie.

365 days: again. This address must be;

Do you think it could be worse than in the previous parts?

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Why do people watch such nonsense movies?! I understand comedy and romance, like to make myself feel alive, but this really does test the guy for the amoeba.

I will tell you yes. You have used 5 of her and she attracts millions every second

Stop the weight!

58 minutes ago

These movies of hers are like her diet (sauerkraut 24/24 degrees), monotonous and without cunning!

The female version of the bald Vegetta

Ha-ha-ha-ha this is what… Why does emptiness give us colostrum 😢

Recent Comments (48)

Nothing happens in this movie, the script is not very complicated, with four scenes, it is also possible that they filmed another five parts during that time.

They watch women for handsome gentlemen and that’s it. The sex scenes are so fake that I was laughing

There is no wooden representation content, but photographer Jesse Slibawi still is?

Even this trailer had to be rewritten.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha dzizas what they’re supposed to be

It seems that Mikhail Milovich canceled the wedding? Perhaps this is not the first time. Apparently, his mother does not let anyone go and does not tolerate her chosen one. Someone something?

Every day, Polish television is full of all kinds of crap and productions that cannot be watched even when drunk, not to mention the unbearable abundance of commercials. Why did you choose this movie? You don’t want to watch it and that’s it.

I have a suggestion. Just don’t watch, don’t write, don’t promote chala.

Well…a movie about the fucking…

The latest Bond movie “No Time to Die” is on the same level.

After all, no one should watch it… who wants to see it, nothing strong so I don’t understand where those bottom comments come from…

Pudelek szczujnia!!!! And how much is the wallet? Shame!

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