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Warsaw: Poles return from mission in Turkey. Blackhawk police landed

Warsaw: Poles return from mission in Turkey.  Blackhawk police landed

– Police pilots and firefighters who have been executing Mission Turkey 2021 for a week, landed late Sunday evening at Warsaw Babes Airport. The police command said their first-ever joint operation abroad has just ended.

About 20, a group of 11 people consisting of four police pilots, four mechanics on board and three firefighters, returned to Warsaw by police helicopter, and landed at Warsaw-Babys airport. In the next twelve hours or so, the three remaining PSP officers who helped fight the element in Turkey will return to the country by land.

They were greeted on the runway by the Commander-in-Chief of the State Fire Service Nadbridge. Andrzej Bartkowiak and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Chief Inspector Roman Koster.

As explained by the KGP, the Turkish community said about them: “You are our heroes. They don’t think of themselves that way. They had specific tasks to perform and they carried them out with utmost precision, professionalism and commitment. For a week they helped the police with Black Hawk in difficult conditions, aerial fires on the southern coast. For Turkey Using a special water tank called the Bambi Bucket with a capacity of 3000 liters, they made 214 drops, which is more than 640 tons of water, mainly to places where it was only possible from a helicopter.

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Every day, after a briefing with Turkish rescuers from Dalaman Airport, Black Hawk Police took off, with two teams taking turns carrying out firefighting operations from morning until late evening. The Polish rescuers had two special water tanks, one of which had a capacity of 1.5 thousand. Second liter – 3 thousand. liters. It was the largest that was used to put out forests due to the size of the fires. The number of discharges depends on the distance of the fire to water sources. Polish lifeguards usually collect it from tanks specially prepared for this. In total, within 7 days, they discharged 214 dumps, that is, they poured more than 640 tons of water into places precisely specified by the Turkish coordinator on board the ship with them.

However, their task was not only to put out the fires. The pilots also made periodic flights and searched for fires in other areas. “As our pilots assure, it was a very tedious task, but it allowed us to gain tremendous flight experience” – reported the KGP.

– The high temperature, which exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the smoke that limited visibility, and large air currents impeded the procedures – the inspector said. Bill. Robert Setek, Chairman of the Police Aviation Board of the Police General Staff of the KGP, is one of the pilots involved in the mission. – In most cases, the measures we implemented were the only possible way to extinguish a forest fire in mountainous areas, which the fire trucks could not reach. Besides, the number of other machines in the air involved in firefighting operations in the area requires us to be very careful – added the pilot.

According to the police, “Teams from Croatia, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran also supported the firefighting by Turkish firefighters. According to the Turkish authorities, more than 5,000 people took part in firefighting activities daily, using more than 1,000 vehicles, firefighters and other specialized equipment and 9 aircraft and 66 helicopters. Thanks to the commitment and assistance of many groups from different countries, including police pilots and firefighters from Poland, the situation is slowly stabilizing.”

Unfortunately, not all of the rescuers went home. “We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the crash of a Russian Be-200 firefighting plane in Turkey, in which five Russians and three Turkish citizens, with whom the Polish pilots cooperated, were killed. We express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims,” ​​he added. Police Command said.

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