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Warsaw / The 25th Science Festival begins on Friday

Warsaw / The 25th Science Festival begins on Friday

The debate on the “green economy” begins Friday at the 25th Science Festival in Warsaw. The program included lectures, lab visits, educational walks, games and exhibitions. The event, which runs until September 26, is accompanied by a slogan: We inoculate with knowledge.

The Science Festival program is divided into three parts: lessons (for organized school groups), meetings and exhibitions. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some lessons and meetings will be conducted not only in stationery, but will also be broadcast online or made available in the form of recordings.

The program and detailed information about the festival’s activities are available at

The festival will begin on Friday at 6 pm in the Old University of Warsaw (BUW) Library Hall with one of the six main debates: “The green economy, or is it possible to benefit from helping the planet?” Participants will consider whether there is a green economy, and whether and how environmentally friendly choices for consumers, businesses and investors can be rationalized. The remaining major discussions will be devoted to current important scientific and social questions, such as the effects of major epidemics on people; space exploration opportunities; The impact of widespread use of the Internet on social life.

On the occasion of the 25th edition of the festival, a special series of “25th Anniversary Lectures” has been prepared, which will be given by famous Polish scholars. a. Zbigniew Gaciong will say, inter alia, do we really live longer and longer or do we treat diseases better? a. Wojciech Pisula will explain what animal research can tell us about human curiosity. a. Ewa Chernyawska will provide information about the importance of human smell, which has been particularly emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic. In turn, a. Andrzej Friszke will remember the political divisions of the Poles in the twentieth century.

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The festival, however, is not only about lectures, but also the opportunity to take advantage of unusual excursions and visits to laboratories. The Polish Society for the Protection of Bats will organize an evening walk with bats, the Botanical Garden of Warsaw University will organize a “criminal” walk with plants in a leading role, and the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences will invite you to its geophysical observatory in wider.

A full-day meeting called “Geologiczna Ochota” will be organized, among others, by the Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw. During the workshop, you will be able to learn about the rocks that make up the Earth, both on a large scale and by viewing them under a microscope; Growing instant artificial crystals and watching the rocks and mineral resources mined in Poland. Participants in the full-day event in the hangar of the Faculty of Energy and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology will take part in the PW-5 Smyk glider model building workshop and try their hand at a helicopter simulator.

Physico-chemical workshops have been prepared for the youngest science enthusiasts at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw. Young participants will learn what is pressure, buoyancy, what are states of aggregation, what are elements and particles, viscosity, density, and much more. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the chemistry of perfumes and soaps through the cosmetic industry. The PGI-NRI Geological Museum will invite you to a popular science family outing called “Disio’s Dinosaur Birthday.”

The first edition of the Warsaw Science Publication Event was held in 1997. It was the first Polish science festival. It was followed by about 20 science, arts, and technology festivals in academic cities across Poland. Each year, more than a thousand meetings are held as part of the festival, prepared by more than a hundred scientific, research and educational institutions. (PAP)

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