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Was this a dinosaur killed by the famous asteroid? I like science

Was this a dinosaur killed by the famous asteroid?  I like science

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Scientists have likely discovered the fossil of a dinosaur that died when an asteroid collided with Earth 66 million years ago. It was discovered in North Dakota, USA.

The embryo of pterosaurs and other discoveries by scientists

Scientists have discovered the leg of a herbivorous dinosaur tescellosaurus. Its preservation condition is assessed as very good. Even the scaly skin is preserved, and researchers estimate that the discovery may date back to the time of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs due to an asteroid impact.

It is widely believed that when a 7.5-mile-wide asteroid, roughly the size of Mount Everest, hit the Gulf of Mexico, all non-avian dinosaurs on Earth died.

The video below shows the different types of fossils found during excavations in Tanis, North Dakota.

It shows, among other things, the leg of a Tescellosaurus.

In the place where the research is carried out, there are many well-preserved fossils, including fish and turtles. Even the embryo of flying pterosaurs and the skin of a triceratops were found in an egg.

The embryo of a pterosaur, source: BBC

Is it an asteroid?

Scientists speculate that small, glass-like particles may have been ejected from molten rock found in the gills of fish fossils as a result of the explosive impact of an asteroid.

A great discovery and great doubt .. from scientists

However, in science, there is nothing binary. The announced discoveries were met with great skepticism on the part of the paleontological community. While the announced discoveries are impressive, outside advisors will now verify the samples that have been found.

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Source: BBC, ScienceAlert

Main image source: BBC

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