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Washington Post: Trump wanted to put the Corona virus in Guantanamo

Washington Post: Trump wanted to put the Corona virus in Guantanamo

Details of this position and other actions taken by the former president in the face of the pandemic, in daily reports, can be found in the new Washington Post journalists’ book, which will be released on June 29. The book, titled “The Nightmare Scenario,” deals with the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the authors, Yasmin Otaleb and Damian Paletta, at a White House meeting in February 2020, Trump’s proposal to isolate Americans in Guantanamo was presented while discussing what to do with infected American citizens abroad.

– Don’t we have our own island? What about Guantanamo? He was supposed to ask the then-president. When Trump renewed his offer, his advisers had to dissuade him.

According to journalists who interviewed more than 180 people involved in the government’s response to the pandemic for the purposes of the book, the behavior of the former president, who frequently disrupted meetings and relied on his instincts, took an effective policy against the pandemic. Difficult. Trump was also said to be angry at the government’s strategy for coronavirus testing, and complained in March 2020 that it would “lose the election through testing.”

According to the book’s authors, Trump has repeatedly rejected the suggestions of experts on the team, relying instead primarily on the advice of his closest advisers, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and economists. But the biggest problem was the organizational chaos.

“No one was responsible for the response (to the pandemic). Was it Dr. (Deborah) Birx, the task force coordinator? Was it (Vice President Mike) Pence, the task force manager? Was it Trump, the president? Was it Kushner, who led his parallel team?” So stop?” – the authors write.

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