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We all feel pain differently. What affects its severity? – Health Wprost

We all feel pain differently.  What affects its severity?  - Health Wprost

Pain It is one of our body’s first warning signs when something bad is going on. It appears as a result of irritation of pain receptors in the human body. The impulses from pain receptors are sent by nerves to the spinal cord and cerebral cortex, where pain is felt. To date, no tools have been invented to objectively measure the pain experienced by a patient. Feeling is known to be influenced by: endurance, general condition, and comorbidities and position.

Comparative pain scales

There are many pain scales to compare.

  • The numerical scale is based on rating pain on a scale from zero (no pain) to ten (the worst suffering imaginable). The patient himself judges the severity of the pain.
  • The visual analog scale is a ten-point ruler. The patient indicates with his finger or slider the intensity of the pain on the axis.
  • The verbal scale has only five points, so it is the least accurate. As the name implies, individual words are assigned to the following numbers. illusion: 0 no pain, 1 Weak pain, 2 moderate pain, 3 severe pain, 4 Very severe pain.
  • Multivariate scales are based on the completion of the questionnaire. In addition to questions related to the expanded definition of pain, it also includes closed-ended questions and open-ended questions that focus on the specific type of pain the patient is experiencing.

The most common and strongest types of pain include:

labor pains

The pain a woman feels during labor results from the pressure of the contracting uterus on nerves and blood vessels. The dilatation of the cervix, lower part of the uterus and perineal tissues is also very painful. Experts explain that the pain is supposed to move the body into labor, but sometimes it is so strong that it does not facilitate the birth process, but rather hinders it.

According to research published by Dr. Radosław Chutkowski, referred to by Medonet, among women giving birth for the first time, more than 23 percent. They rated the pain of childbirth as unbearable, about 60 percent. Very strong or strong, only 9 percent. It can also be tolerated.

Testicular injuries

Testicular injuriesIt is in terms of pain one of the most painful male diseases. The testicles are very blindfolded. Damage to them causes pain in the entire soft abdomen. This type of pain can lead to dizziness or vomiting.

Urolithiasis, renal colic

It is said that renal colic makes even the toughest men cry. It is a common condition accompanied by severe lower back pain that spreads to the lower abdomen or groin. Renal colic is caused by kidney stones.

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