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We are doing our best to prevent fuel price hikes

We are doing our best to prevent fuel price hikes

We are doing everything we can to ensure that fuel prices are among the lowest in Europe and we are doing everything we can to prevent fuel prices from running around too much – Orlen CEO Daniel Obajtek said in an interview with TV Trwam. He estimated that prices would stabilize.

We do our best to keep fuel prices among the lowest in Europe and do everything we can to prevent fuel prices from running around too much. (…) If we have certain plans and assumptions regarding margin and volume, if fuel sales decline, we automatically lower the price to make up for the amount of sales further, not the unit price. This is how concerns work around the world. If we decide that the fuel will be cheaper, it should result from business decisions, i.e. it should result from the fact – let’s say – that we have a smaller sales volume and want to have a larger volume, so we automatically reduce prices and these are market mechanisms. We can only use market mechanisms. We can’t suddenly say we’re going to lower fuel prices and sell below margin, because that hurts the company. Doing so could be a disaster for the board of directors. “We can carry out activities in the field of margin reduction, increase volume by shrinking margin, and we are doing such mechanisms,” Orlin chief said, citing Radio Marija’s website.

For the global economy to calm down, Obagtik said, “we must be prepared for all the variables.”

We are in a global economy. We are not able to make the decision ourselves. We have certain mechanisms that we use. In the case of Orlen, we try to produce as many fuels as possible in order to automatically distribute the price over a larger volume. We are trying to add weight to the refineries and we are trying to diversify costs

He pointed out.

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A different situation than it was in 2012.

Orlin’s chief added that the Poles earned “much more” than they earned in 2012, and the price of a liter of fuel was similar to the current price.

And in 2012 there was already a fuel price of 6 PLN. Currently, the price of fuel is also about 6 PLN, but we have much higher profits. We hire people for whom we also have to pay more, because the minimum rate was 9 PLN, now it is 18 PLN. The price comes from certain inputs that we have to add to the total fuel price. As PKN Orlen, we do our best to ensure that the fuel is among the cheapest in Europe, and we succeed in doing so.

– Obagtec said.

value announcement

The head of the Pock concern emphasized that Orlen is doing everything to prevent fuel prices from skyrocketing.

I think that the situation will soon be over because prices will lead to lower global consumption. Then there will be less supply and this will also have an effect on the price. The price of gas has begun to fall to a minimum, so there is a glimmer of hope for price stability. (…) As the Polish oil interest, we are doing our best to improve prices. I am optimistic and believe that the consumption period is over and prices will stabilize

– Evaluate Obagtek.


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