October 18, 2021

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We are strengthening the role of the educational supervisor - proposed changes in the education system - Ministry of Education and Science

We are strengthening the role of the educational supervisor – proposed changes in the education system – Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry has received many signals, particularly from parents and teachers, as well as from trade unions regarding the need to provide solutions that will increase the effectiveness of the educational supervisor’s actions. Most often, these signs contain information about illegal activities that had a negative impact on the quality of education and the conditions for development of students involved in education, upbringing and care. We want to change that. Therefore, we have prepared solutions that eliminate such situations.

All students must be provided with the best possible conditions for education, upbringing and care. Therefore, it is important that the principal of the school or facility is the one who ensures the proper performance of the tasks assigned to him. It is also important that she ensures, with her knowledge, experience and behaviour, the best performance and organization of the work of the school or institution she runs. We suggest that the principal, as the body exercising educational supervision, has greater influence over his appointment, as well as an important vote on appeal or suspension in the event that deficiencies relating to a threat to student safety are discovered during classes organized by the school.

Effective operation of probation officers

The Ministry also received indications that there are principals of schools and educational institutions that do not follow the recommendations issued as a result of inspections by the educational supervisor, while at the same time there are no effective tools to enforce this commitment. Probation officers also pointed out problems in the practice of educational supervision in schools and non-public institutions. They cited the inability to conduct the inspection, the avoidance of contact by the manager, the failure to respond to letters or the failure to disclose documents. In such cases, the conduct officer must be able to act effectively.

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Parents’ right

Parents should have the right to decide on the participation of their children in the activities that take place in the school by various organizations. Therefore, we propose the introduction of such a provision, thanks to which the director of the school or institution is obliged – before the start of classes that are conducted as part of the activities of the association or organization in the school or institution – to obtain detailed information about the work plan of the school, as well as the scheme of classes and materials used in provided classes, as well as obtaining a positive opinion from the educational supervisor of the activities of such an organization in the premises of the school or institution. Having obtained it, before the start of classes, the principal will be obliged to provide the parents of the underage student or adult student with detailed information about the objectives and content of the classroom program, as well as the classroom materials. In addition, the student’s participation in classes will require written consent from the parents of the minor student or written consent from the adult student.

The proposed solutions give greater powers to the education supervisor. However, it is worth emphasizing that the local government will continue to perform public tasks in the field of public education to the extent that laws are not limited to the public administration body, the educational supervisor.

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