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We don’t have any such plans

We don't have any such plans
  • The head of the Ministry of Health, in response to a question about whether there are any plans for students to switch to distance learning, denied that. “Nothing like this is planned. (…)
  • – There are no arguments, in fact, that restrictions are necessary, said the minister
  • – Most likely, we will not impose any epidemiological restrictions – Adam Nidzelsky admitted

Will there be epidemiological restrictions?

– Most likely, we will not impose any epidemic restrictions. Our situation is a little different than it was in previous years. Then the wave accelerated in September and October and reached its peak at the end of autumn. This year we are already dealing with a wave that has mainly accumulated behind us and a large part of the community has not even noticed this fact. Right now, we’re seeing lower levels of infection. We can also see that at the level of the number of hospitalizations we have already a complete reversal of the trend, a slight decrease – said Niedzielski.

He pointed out that we are more resistant because of vaccination and because of contact with the virus during the summer wave. – We have already approved vaccinations for groups over 60 years of age and people with weakened immunity. Now, after the EMA’s decision, we will begin vaccination with the fourth dose in all the population, except for children of course. Vaccinations should be continued as recommended by physicians and experts in the field of vaccinations. The minister pointed out that vaccinations – and we can see this at the level of scientific research – are immunized for a longer period than those associated with the disease.

Nidzelsky was also asked about SMA drug reimbursement. The list of medicines reimbursed in September will include the most expensive drug for this disease – Zolgensma. The requirement for inclusion in the drug program is, inter alia, up to six months of age at the time of dosing, and no prior treatment for SMA. The decision was criticized among others by PSL Chairman Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

– President Kuciniak Camis was interested in this topic a few weeks ago because he noticed that the topic could be used in current politics. The head of the Ministry of Health said that we have been dealing with the subject of SMA for years and have been working for years to improve the quality of life of patients, especially children.

He emphasized that according to the manufacturer’s application and clinical trials that were critical to the drug program, this drug is highly effective and safe in the age group from birth to 6 months of age.

– Niedzielski said the two main enrollment studies for this drug were in this age group.

– Each of the drugs approved in Poland is equally effective, and most importantly, treatment should begin as soon as possible, which is our main goal. The minister stressed that early treatment stops the disease and allows the child to grow normally.

Niedzielski to PSL chief on SMA: Politician trying to promise to change reimbursement rules is cynical

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