July 28, 2021

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We know the exact map of Poland's clean transport zones.  No diesel will go there, and it's all Tusk's fault

We know the exact map of Poland’s clean transport zones. No diesel will go there, and it’s all Tusk’s fault

Since last year, residents of 37 major Polish cities have been in faint fear. The government preparing the Electric Mobility Act planned to enforce clean transportation zones where old diesel could not enter. Several updates have already been made to the project, and the latest map of areas in all cities has been revealed.

Where will the clean transport zones be established?

The answer to this question is short and brutal. In d…! The government has completely withdrawn from the compulsory clean transport zones. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has rescinded its provisions from the recent update of the Electric Mobility Law. Removing this requirement makes the name of this law sound like a bad joke. After the turmoil in the Polish capital smog (Krakow), the city is unlikely to make a decision on clean transport zones.

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Green marks on the map where the clean transport zones in Poland will be established.

Is the so-called law on electric mobility could be more harmful to the development of electric cars in Poland? In the latest draft amendment, it was decided that installing chargers in multifamily buildings would require specialized expertise each time. Previously, this was mandatory only when the installation in the building was in poor condition or had very poor standards. Mandatory specialized experience will make the procedures more difficult and discourage residents from considering an electric vehicle.

tusk error?

The latest proposal for the Electric Mobility Law makes Poland even more distant from Western European countries. There, electric cars are setting new sales records, thanks to a number of facilities for their buyers. They also create difficulties for those who still believe that diesel or gasoline is the best option. You don’t need to be an expert to expect that such a decision would be unpopular in Poland.

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Krakow's clean transport zone didn't last long
Photo: krakow.pl

Although the elections are still a long way off, it is undeniable that Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics could be significant here. The government may not want to make decisions that do not meet the approval of the majority of voters. For relatively impotent United Right voters, electric cars are just a whim. After all, the failure of the law of electric mobility is the famous “Tusk error”.