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Web telescope launch! I like science

Web telescope launch!  I like science

Estimated time: 2 minutes

The outer space web mission has begun! We had to wait a long time for this moment, which does not mean that the enthusiasm is less. After all, the device will enable you to learn more about the history of the universe. The trip to the last point (Lagrange point L2) will take a month. The Webb Telescope will likely make its first observations in mid-2022.

Start waiting for years

It took years to build the device. The first assumptions of the Webb telescope were made more than 30 years ago. While it appears to replace Hubble, they are actually different structures that explore space differently. Initially, the equipment was to operate in parallel. Webb was supposed to be launched several years ago. Along the way, there were many ordeals. Finally succeeded! December 25, 2021The Webb Telescope was launched into space.

It will take a month to get to point L2. Meanwhile, the device folds like origami – the mirror itself is the size of a house – unfolding heat shields and solar cells. It just seems easy on the surface. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous parts of the entire process.

When the telescope is “in place,” the instrument is turned on. All devices will be tested for up to six months. The Webb Telescope likely won’t make its first observations until mid-2022.

Photo mat. press releases

Where does the telescope go?Where is point L2?

Web destination is no accident. Due to the way they work, they must be placed at an appropriate distance from the sun and the earth. The device stops at the point of vibration 2. So it will be 1.5 million km behind the Earth in the direction of Mars. For comparison: Hubble is located approximately 600 km above Earth.

This distance is a must. The telescope must beKeep away so as not to be damaged by solar radiation. When the device arrives, it will be positioned to protect electronic devices and their mirrors from sunlight.

web endoscope
The size of the device is impressive. Notice there are people near the bottom right corner. Photo mat. press releases

Why do we need a Webb telescope?

The device works in both near and far infrared. Therefore, it is aimed at observing the early history of the universe, but also the early history of galaxies, regions in which stars or planetary systems are born. The Webb Telescope is so powerful that it catches weak infrared sources. This lets you go back tens of millions of years after the Big Bang!

A panel-mounted spectrometer will measure composition and convert up to several hundred objects into mass at one time. He will study not only galaxies, but also stars and planetsoutside the solar system. The Webb telescope will also be able to analyze the composition of the atmospheres of the observed planets.

What is the Web better than Hubble? See the video:

Image source:

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