July 28, 2021

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"Wedding at First Sight": Carol breaks the silence!  He revealed the truth about his relationship with Laura

“Wedding at First Sight”: Carol breaks the silence! He revealed the truth about his relationship with Laura

Wedding at first sight experts made huge mistakes. Looks like they’ve mated the wrong pairs.

They matched Carol with Ega and you know how it ended. There were quarrels, the spouses did not agree and decided to divorce. Carroll paid the price for his relationship with Iga with health problems. He had to enlist the help of a psychiatrist.

Laura is also unhappy with her chosen one. She married Maciej, and their relationship turned out to be a failure. They differed on key points, particularly their approach to faith. Like Ega and Carol, they also decided to divorce.

Later it turns out that Laura and Carol…a married couple! So why didn’t TV specialists pair them with each other from the start? “While they were making their decisions, these two people did not respond to their expectations given in the questionnaires,” Magdalena Chorziowska, a psychologist from TVN, explained.

When the case saw the light, the lovers did not want to comment on the reports about the relationship. Carol has now decided to reveal the secret. He explained that he met Laura after recording all the episodes. They called in March.

The man dealt with rumors that he and his new lover had known each other earlier.

He revealed that he and Laura are planning a future together, but they don’t want to show their happiness on social media. They’ll share photos together, but it’s all within reason.

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He added that he and Beloved had no remorse or grudge against the experts. Thanks to their decision, they can at least get to know each other calmly, away from the cameras.

Finally, he also mentioned… a lie he committed in an interview with “Dzień dobry TVN”. Some time ago, in an interview, he said that he had not met any of the people from the program. It wasn’t true, because he knew Laura at the time.