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“Wedding at first sight.” Internet users comment on the final decisions

"Wedding at first sight."  Internet users comment on the final decisions

  • On May 21, on TVN7, viewers can watch the final episode of “Wedding at First Sight”. Program participants have made a decision whether they want to remain married or separate ways
  • After the program, fans eagerly commented on the choices of people involved in the social experiment. Netizens believe that Isabella and Camel are still together: “Let them dispel stereotypes. Age difference doesn’t matter!”
  • The audience was moved by Carole’s words and in the comments they defended: “I admit without hitting that at first I was with Iga. From episode to episode I felt sorry for this guy because he got hit so hard …”
  • Finally, a month after the decision, Laura decided to divorce, and viewers sympathized with Maciej: “It’s a pity for Masik. A man of value and affection is rare these days.”
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We learned about the decisions of the participants in the fifth batch of the program “Wedding at first sight.” although age She wanted to invest another month in building a relationship with her husband, without cameras, that Carol He definitely wanted a breakup. Lura I Maciej They agreed that they wanted to remain married, but a month after the social experiment ended, Laura filed for divorce. Isabella I Full They said they wanted to continue investing in their relationship, but after a month they ran into a serious crisis.

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While the program was broadcast online, there was no shortage of discussions among viewers. They commented on amendments and decisions of experts. After the final episode aired on TVN7 Friday evening, on May 21, fans are eager to comment on the final decisions.

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You can find the rest of the article below the video:

“Wedding at first sight.” Internet users comment on the final decisions

Initially, viewers were skeptical of the relationship between Isabella and Kamel. She is a 5-year-old woman with her own business, still single, living with her parents. Nevertheless, Kamel tried to gain Iza’s approval. During the program, it was clear that they got better and better. After the final episode, “Wedding at First Sight” fans hope the couple will stay together.

In the case of a relationship Igi I Charles Viewers in the comments were in favor of one side. Carroll’s shocking words and Iga’s remarks divided audiences. The majority of people wrote that Carol made the right decision.

Laura and Maciej wanted to stay married, but after a month, Laura announced that she wanted to separate from her husband.

There was a post on the Facebook profile titled “Ślub at First Sight”, according to which fans rated the entire season.

Experts should be more active. Help, monitor, and encourage spouses to cope with crises. It’s a short time and a lot happens … “.

“The wonderful program and the friendly and brave participants who are looking for love will find it. Some people succeed in this program, others fail, but you cannot give up.

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“For me they are determinants Agnieszka and Wojtek From the previous version. None of the husbands present had such a distance from each other as they did. Eager to find love, they both tried and saw their own flaws, not just the other person’s faults. Joy was emanating from them all the time, and here, unfortunately, I only heard the real laughter when Iga said a joke about Bach. Such a “sad”, there have been this edition, there is still some tension– Internet user wrote.

How was the fate of the heroes of the social experiment after the program? Perhaps we will find out soon. For now, fans are closely following the participants’ profiles on social media.

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