October 18, 2021

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"Wedding at first sight".  Kamel announces: "It's time for massive changes. I want to take a maximum risk."

“Wedding at first sight”. Kamel announces: “It’s time for massive changes. I want to take a maximum risk.”

5th edition الطب “Wedding at first sight” It aroused a lot of emotions among the viewers. Many saw that this time experts chose the participants in pairs, unfortunately. Time has shown that fans of the show were absolutely right – especially considering the ongoing conflicts Iggy and Carol. They also weren’t so lucky Laura and Macage. Although the couple initially seemed quite harmonious, in the end they decided to divorce.

The only couple who decided to continue their marriage after the termination “Wedding at first sight”So they turned Who is complete. At the end of May, the couple officially confirmed the relationship by appearing on Instagram A picture of clenched hands. Soon, the couple recorded a short video together, and Eza also appeared on “Dzień Dobry TVN” and told a little About common plans for the future.

It is no secret that viewers of “The Wedding at First Sight” eagerly follow the fate of the participants after the broadcast of the program ends. Many of them responded with great enthusiasm Kamil’s last Instagram post, Who just announced an important life decision. It turned out that the participant of the TVN7 program He decided to leave his current job.

However, this is not the end of the changes in the life of the participant in the “Wedding at First Sight”. Kamel revealed that he decided to take a serious risk.

It was always my dream to go on my own, even now It’s time for huge changes, LVL – UP!. “When it’s not easy, it’s worth it” And for the second time I want to take a chance on the MAX! May this time be as wonderful as the first! #Dare to live! – Been completed.

Many Kamel watchers began to speculate that the man was planning to move to Iza.

I’m getting ready to leave. Have you moved in with your wife? additional (…) good luck; Fabulous, Now you will open your business next to Eza. You must always move forward! Good luck Camille. Travel for your dreams and of course to Izca; So the change to Bytom; Wonderful, now they will be with Iza; And rightly, a husband should be with his wife, not far We can read the comments below an entire post.


Do you think Kamel will actually move to Eza soon?