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“Wedding at first sight”. Marta, however, rode for Macyg! I was shocked by his behaviour

"Wedding at first sight".  Marta, however, rode for Macyg!  I was shocked by his behaviour

current version “Wedding at first sight” It is slowly entering the critical stage. The participants will soon have to decide if they want to stay in a new relationship. Singles couples’ relationships slowly reveal who has a chance of a happy ending. In case Marta and Maciej Everything so far, unfortunately, has been against them.

Marta’s Dilemmas in “The Wedding at First Sight”. “He doesn’t take it seriously.”

Beginning of a new episode “Wedding at first sight” Rather, she did not announce a breakthrough in the relationship between the aforementioned spouses. Marta It is clear that she has already decided not to go to Szczecin. At least, it seemed so until I spoke to the expert. I finally convinced her to call mastic.

I probably let myself get provoked too much and wasn’t the nicest person. I have to work on it so I don’t get angry – She said.

finally Marta I decided to talk to him. The conversation turned into a visit, but unfortunately it turned out to be so mage He now has much less time for his wife, because he had previously taken her leave and she had turned down his offer.

I refused to come, so I went to work as well – argued, but nevertheless they managed to get along at first.

They served good advice Marcy her parents. The father had the most to say in this matter, who asked his daughter to go to her husband from the program and find out what to do next once and for all.

Although Marta and Maciej temporarily renewed contact, in conversation with their parents, the woman claimed that her husband “did not need” to contact her, and apart from this case, they did not speak to each other at all.

I wrote to find out what he was planning, but it just doesn’t speak like that. No need for that. I don’t think he’s taking it seriously – She said, before leaving, she added: I don’t want to go there.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Marta and Maciej met again

had become – But Marta came to Szczecin. The beginning was difficult because mage He could not call his wife, but waited patiently for her on the podium.

I’ve been calling since morning, I’ve been writing since morning… and silence. We had no contactI am beginning to fear that Marta will not return to Szczecin for a return visit. Just before she arrived, she spoke“chased” the silence that was sleeping – Macyek said.

It turned out that the trip was not successful because Marta She lost her bag that contained cards and documents. In the print, the woman stated that she resented “being dirty” and her husband was very amused by the whole situation. then though Marta She had already booked the documents and cards, but he helped her look up her loss.

I wanted her to remember this visit for me as much as possible – He confessed.

He was trying to be nice to me, that was positively surprising Marta said, surprised.

The time to make decisions is approaching, and soon the spouses will have a serious conversation. Do you think they still have a chance for a fresh start?

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I don’t know what to think of them anymore. She can visually hug herself and relax a little because she’s acting like Grandma – it doesn’t hurt. He can hug himself and look in the mirror and only has requirements. Maybe something will come after that.

She has no chance of survival, why bother 🤦‍♀️

And Misiaczek and we wonder if by chance Marta did not go through this transformation, because they gave each other a chance with her husband and she tries for him 😀

Someone is watching? What is this? Kubita seems sleepy, lost

Why push yourself into relationships? It’s better to be alone

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My favorite husband, I’m tired of watching it with them

They are not together so why drag this circus!!!!! Greetings that Szczecin!!!! 👍✌️

He claimed the man who heals his complexes at the expense of another man. I don’t understand why he gave himself the right to try Martha. He must go to therapy because he is so upset!

I will not go to him! He didn’t even make an effort to welcome her with pleasure. She also had to order coffee, because he’s a gentleman.

Boy, give it up, you can put up with a normal girl

This guy is terrible! Marta has a lot of patience with him. More than one give him a leaf of mortadella. He disgraced himself in front of the whole of Poland!

Which wife, which husband? They’re strangers who got married, how could it go wrong? Who would have thought XD, this program breaks records of embarrassment and stupidity, I have no words.

Your people don’t emotionally and physically share your personal information in an official newspaper.

Maybe he’s not Belmondooo 🙂 But unfortunately not Zofia Loren :))) Lost, rude, angry … She is not the only mother. Well, there’s a lot to be desired for her looks… at least she looks good.

Both are in vain

It seems to me that men see fake models and mannequins on TV, and so they demand that to get the perfect model on a tray, let them look in the mirror themselves.

Blastus Zakulak discredits himself at every step and shows how small and simple he is… No education, no ambition, unattractive appearance and requirements from outer space… He also listens to Disco Polo!

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