October 23, 2021

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"Wedding at first sight".  We know all the pairs of the new version!

“Wedding at first sight”. We know all the pairs of the new version!

In the fourth episode of the program “A Wedding at First Sight”, which is now available on the Player platform, the weddings of all the participants of the sixth season of the program were shown.

Despite editing efforts from previous episodes, even the most curious viewers already had clues about how experts brought the participants together.

In the last episode, the assumptions about the wedding were confirmed Julia and Tomas. However, the couple were not happy with each other.

My ex-girlfriends had a completely different physique. They were smaller, but I don’t judge by their appearance – He said tomic.

Visually, he is not my type of guy. not at all. I was always looking for other men – Confessed in front of the cameras Julia.

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Then the wedding was shown Anita. As expected, Pudelka was assigned to her Roberta, Which my sister reported on the TV show. Future spouses tried to cover the tension with jokes and theatrical gestures. Anita and her future husband seemed more satisfied with the choice of experts than their predecessors.

The third couple that was revealed showed the most enthusiasm – Kasia and Pawe. Interestingly enough, on their wedding day, the bride and groom found out about it too They have mutual friends And although they live close to each other, had it not been for the program, they probably wouldn’t have met.


I saw that happiness in her eyes and her smile. I think she saw the same thing with me – Pawe was emotional.

Which one do you think has the best chance of a shared future?

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