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Węgloks group started selling imported charcoal. What are the prices?

Węgloks group started selling imported charcoal.  What are the prices?

According to information received from Katowice, 11 coal ships contracted with Węgloks were offloaded at ports in August and September, Three ships have been unloaded and three more are waiting to enter port. In total, more than 300,000 people are currently arriving at the ports. Tons of different grades of coal.

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Ostrów Wielkopolski – the largest coal storage yard in the country

It is, without exception, premium quality charcoal, which will go to individual customers through our distribution networkenterprises and local governments as well as professional power engineering and heating plants” – confirmed Węgloks Vice President for Commercial Affairs, Sławomir Brzeziński, PAP on Saturday.

By the end of the year, Węgloks will import a total of more than 3 million tons of coal, mostly from Colombia, Kazakhstan and South Africa. The group is already contracting raw materials for the coming quarters of next year.

At the moment, the imported coal will be sold through the landfill in Ostrów Wielkopolski, owned by CZW Węglozbyt – a company of the Węgloks Group. Currently, charcoal supplied by Węglokoks Kraj and Tauron Wydobycie is sold there, and The sale of coal imported by Węgloks from abroad will start next week.

Imported coal prices in Węgloks

“We want as much coal as possible to reach our customers. The retail price of imported premium coal will not exceed a total of PLN 2,900 ” – said the chief.

Representatives of Węglozbyt estimate that prices for coal at the landfill in Ostrów Wielkopolski were the lowest in the region for several months, which means that many customers decided to buy fuel in this place. chose this place. In the report we described the desperation and desperation of people waiting there in long lines, and thanks to attractive prices, they can cover up to 100 kilometers to buy coal. Social lists are created with hundreds of names, and only selected lists are served on a given day. The rest have to go home to go back to class the next day.

– I’ve been here for three weeks. This is a kind of carnage. My wife and I have vacations and spend it that way. This is what we got from the governmentAnd the Holiday in coal queue – Arthur agrees. – We have coal for a day or two. I don’t know what will happen next, I think you’ll have to invest in jackets and jackets – Siluya jokes grimly, Quoted in our report.

Coal availability in Ostrów Wielkopolski

To improve sales and shorten the queue, The company decided to purchase new, more efficient coal loading and weighing equipment. “We are hiring additional personnel necessary for the implementation of this project,” – said the head of Węglozbyt.

Apart from the sale at the landfill in Ostrów Wielkopolski, the continuous sale of coal to individual customers is carried out by Węglokoks Kraj, which owns the Bobrek-Piekary mine in Bytom.

“We sell 1,000 tons of coal every day. Individual customers can buy up to 3 tons, while establishments go up to 25 tons, although in the latter case we want to temporarily limit sales to 10 tons ”- said the head of Węglokoks Kraj, Grzegorz Wacławek.

How do you buy coal at Węgloks?

To buy coal from this company, you have to register in the sales system. First, call the sales hotline. Every day, the company records about 2.5 million connection attempts – IT professionals are sure that such a number of connections indicates an attempt to block the hotline, which is why a specialized company is entrusted with its service.

Everyone who registers in the system has a specific date and time for loading coal, so there are no queues in front of the mine in Bytom; Selling smoothly. It is also possible to make joint purchases, for example, when several people arrange one load, thereby reducing handling time and transportation costs.

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