October 19, 2021

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We'll try to think about it again, but we're just learning

We’ll try to think about it again, but we’re just learning

Fans have launched a petition for the Chinese black horse in the smartphone market to pay more attention to working on the MIUI overlay for Android in the future. They would like the company to produce fewer smartphones and loosen a little bit of its alliance with Google. Xiaomi responded to their requests.

Xiaomi is a black horse in the consumer electronics market, its products are very popular in many countries around the world, including Poland. Of course, there is nothing surprising in this – the company combines low prices and very high quality in almost every category and price range. As if that wasn’t enough, the latest smartphone is on offer The new king of mobile photography.

Manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices have more than once discovered that the blessing of fans is riding on a diverse horse. Existing fans of the company that has adopted (Literally!) Son of one of the “Xiaomi Better” memes series, they recently started turning their noses more and more. They express their dissatisfaction louder and louder, and the company’s management noticed this.

The company’s fans posted their requests on the website at Dear Xiaomi.com. They are asking the Chinese company to do a better job of working on the MIUI overlay for Android in the global ROM version, that is, targeting the English-speaking markets. As they argue, it is much less improved than the “same” program intended for the Chinese market.

Among the postulates of the petition of fans of the Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO brands, as well as better support for MIUI in the global version, there were requests to sort all functions from the Chinese version to the international version of the system. Fans argue that the company should produce less different equipment and focus only on a few more refined models.

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Message lovers write, Xiaomi replies

Xiaomi fans would like to see fewer Google apps in MIUI.

While it is the lack of Google services that has weakened Huaweia’s position in the mobile market, Xiaomi fans would like to see fewer apps from the Mountain View giant on their phones. The petitioners argue that Xiaomi should include its software such as Contacts, Messages, App Vault, XiaoAI, etc. as part of the global ROM.

The petition can still be signed, but it appears that the support so far (6,738 people as of date of publication) has been enough to pique the interest of company representatives in the action. A statement from the team responsible for MIUI and Global ROMs appeared on the petition page. As a relatively young company founded in 2010, they asked for… understanding and patience.

Xiaomi’s response to the petition will not appeal to many fans.

The company assures that the right people have already been instructed to take better care of software quality, including through extensive testing of new products, customer support, and feedback collection. It also ensures that the new version of MIUI with the number 12.5 focuses strictly on optimization, but at the same time it does not plan to combine the Chinese and international versions together.

Xiaomi called it a “strategic decision” and notes that as it knows the domestic market, it is still learning about foreign markets. Manufacturer representatives promise to try to rethink their approach, but do not make any binding announcements of changes. Only time will tell whether the owners of the famous brand will take into account the opinion of fans.

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