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Weronika Rosati Appreciates the United States: “My Daughter Is Native American! She Goes To Summer Camp”

Weronika Rosati Appreciates the United States: "My Daughter Is Native American! She Goes To Summer Camp"

We just wrote about the last interview Natasha Urbaiska And her planned conquest of the world music market, another star who likes to flaunt foreign success before achieving success has already made it to the wallpaper. Of course, I’m talking about Veronica Rosatiwho for years has been spreading love about her obsession with Elizabeth Taylor, admiring the United States without criticism. Also this time on the pages of “Wprost” there was a clash between two giants of show business. To speak to Wera, no one but the long-lost person sat down Katarzyna Borzynska. its effect? Pure comedy.

For a good start, the reader encounters a string of praises about sunburned Los Angeles. It’s clear that Veronica is determined to keep the legend of the “American Dream” alive at all costs. We learn what the everyday life of Veronica and her daughter Elizabeth (You know after all of this name yet) in heaven on earth.

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Living in California Famous for its wonderful climate and beautiful nature, near the ocean, I feel like in a holiday resort. We often go to the beach, pool, parks, children’s museum, or take picnics together on weekends. Now in a week Ela goes to summer camp – He has very developed and interesting activities there, and he feels good in the company of his friends. (…) I usually work either on movie sets or so Ella and I spend my free time in our favorite beautifully located apartment in Los Angeles – We read the beans.

Next is just more interesting. Weronika made an unprecedented discovery. Although she and Ella Polish’s father, Veronica announced that her daughter – attention – “Native American”.

The center of our lives in Los Angeles. This is where Ela was born, and she automatically became a Native AmericanHere I go to school, here I can develop and work in my chosen profession at the age of five. I have a very pleasant work environment, and many great friends.

Katarzyna Burzyńska also touched on the issue of broadcasting on TVN a forgotten movie (for good reasons) with Nicolas Cage in the lead role. Let us remind you that Rosati was very disappointed by the fact that when promoting the painting, her appearance there as Cage’s wife was not announced. She didn’t seem to think the station was just trying to spare her the shame. The film has only 17% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Weronika still regrets belittling her accomplishments.

Since the beginning of my career, I have faced the fact that some things in Poland go unnoticed or consciously omitted. The projects I play are popular or appreciated in the world of world cinema. It seems to me that some journalists don’t even bother checking the information in the source. I play all the time: I play in international and Polish films, but it seems to them that this is less interesting.

Rosati, as usual, began to sprinkle examples of successful films with her participation. There are actually some of them. However, in case she was not enough of this self-delight, Weronika mentioned the names of the Hollywood stars with whom she appeared on the set.

Michael Douglas, Sylwister Stallone, Morgan Freeman or Sharon Stone Rosati continued.

However, it doesn’t need Tomasz Raczek to say that Rosati’s profile on Filmweb is not one of the most prominent. Here, however, Burzyńska comes to the rescue, who asks a question too biased to be funny.

You never played trash, did you?

I don’t think the makers of Szmir don’t consider me an actress who fits their movies. It seems to me that they have a permanent set of actors and they keep getting them involved. The characters of these films are very popular among the less demanding viewers – Veronica responds and adds cautiously:

But I don’t hesitate to play in such business one day. American actress, legend – Bette Davis, after years of greatness, roles in excellent films and won several Oscars, and also starred, to put it mildly, in less ambitious films. When asked why she does this shit, she replies, “It doesn’t matter what I play, it matters how I play.”

We also learn that apart from an impressive resume, a Native American daughter, and a beautifully located apartment in ‘Iggy’, Veronica can also boast a better set of genes. By the way, there is information that our national pride attended circus lessons. When Rosati was asked about her concern for her condition, she replied:

It’s not America, it’s about genes, it’s in my blood. My dad rides a bike several times a week. When I was 7-8 years old, I asked my mother to enroll me in pool, tennis, ballet and acrobatics, even in circus lessons.. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always played sports. Today I love hiking – walking in the hills – and doing yoga.

Should we be proud to have such a distinguished citizen?

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elizabeth indian

Native Americans are sometimes not those we would ordinarily call Indians, nor are they the daughter of two Polish sons born in the United States.

Poor girl, wants to be American so much and never had a job there

This Native American actually has a feather headdress? Smiley face

There is something wrong…

28 minutes ago

American citizen for a different meaning. Well, unless you are an Indian…

Recent Comments (99)

As an actress… let’s be honest, that’s the level of Megan Fox – she has beauty, but the game is pretty average. Veronica is an amazing beauty, not only does she look like a typical polka, but she also doesn’t have an exotic beauty somewhere in between. She looks amazingly beautiful in the pictures, she’s definitely a very beautiful woman and that’s a fact, but her acting is bad – looks cute because she’s beautiful, but… well 🤦 Megan Fox, she’s had a similar role in many productions and now she’s only playing in bad movies. .. the fact that she achieved such a career in transgender people – just by appearance, everyone confirmed many times that they were looking for a beautiful natural girl, she fits right there 😉 I think our Weronika is the same. It’s hard to put it somewhere, in Poland and America, she’s actually playing a small role – I saw her recently on the CSI crime series, she did really well, although the role was small, because she probably played there for a full 10 minutes. , but it turns out OK 😉

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Oh Mom… Mom Dad praise me…. She just lists who she’s worked with and more… Or plays showing her boobs, but well….. Cool thing… to have such an opinion about yourself Troch Pathetic, Verka Verka… the reality is different… we know you… you know… from which side? .

Native Americans are what a third-generation American-born mother should know

3 photos of wrinkles of a woman over the age of 50

Haha, welcome to the world of celebrity

So what’s wrong with that? America is our God and it should be. From there the best of everything radiates to the world and there come the most talented people of all countries. Was she going to say her daughter was an aboriginal relic?

I’m afraid to think about how to program this child to become Elizabeth Taylor II.

I don’t know what you’re talking about because a lot of people are now leaving California. The streets are full of homeless, crime rates are high… In general, it’s not very interesting in the states now

Completely detached from reality, so sorry to hear

Circus lessons are the best for her … her whole life is a circus …

Why doesn’t Veronica want her daughter to feel more Polish? It’s sad what you say to a child …

But the complexes come out. On the other hand, for saying such things about herself, do you really think she believes that? I have chills of shame

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