October 23, 2021

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Western Europe is already feeling the effects of the Lukashenka game!

Western Europe is already feeling the effects of the Lukashenka game!

There is an influx of migrants across the Polish-German borders in Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. On Monday, 10 people were arrested on the Szczecin-Berlin highway. Several hundred have been arrested since the beginning of October. Most of the immigrants are from Iraq, guys.

In the past three days, the federal police station in Ludwigsdorf in Saxony alone has arrested a total of 101 people. As reported on Monday, two Ukrainians and a Georgian were arrested on suspicion of smuggling people to Germany. They were sent back to Poland and banned from entering Germany for four years, reports Die Welt daily.

Immigrants entering Saxony come mainly from Iraq and Yemen.

More illegal entries

The Federal Police in Vorpommern also continues to register a large number of illegal entries. According to its information, more than 250 migrants have been arrested in the region since the beginning of October. According to a police spokesman on Monday, 86 people, including men, women and children, were arrested between the cities of Pomlin and Hintersee, which are about 40 kilometers apart. Almost all of them were from Iraq. On Monday morning, 10 people were arrested on the motorway between Szczecin and Berlin.

More than 90 percent of the new arrivals are young people. Police were led to find the migrants with directions from residents of Loecknitz, Blankensee and Hintersee.

The growing number of migrants at the border between Poland and Germany is connected with the behavior of the Belarusian authorities. Alexander Lukashenka is accused of bringing migrants from crisis regions such as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to the external borders of the European Union in an orderly fashion. Most of the detainees in eastern Germany go to Belarus, and then go west through Lithuania and Poland with the help of smugglers.

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