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Westinghouse: For the construction of 6 reactors, Poland’s contribution will significantly exceed 50%.

Polska planuje budować nowoczesne, ale sprawdzone i duże reaktory typu PWR (fot. Shutterstock)

Westinghouse concerns estimate that the Polish domestic contribution to the construction of 6 AP1000 reactors will significantly exceed 50 percent. Westinghouse Vice President David Durham said that if the Polish government opted for the US offer, work could start very quickly.

Polish nuclear power plant. The Americans have already booked the turbines

Poland will choose a technical and financial partner for the Polish nuclear energy program in the second half of the year. Two offers have already been received, …

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– If our offer is selected, Bechtel will manage the construction process, manage the work of subcontractors responsible for construction work, and Polish companies. We anticipate that for the entire project involving the construction of 6 AP1000 nuclear units, the domestic contribution will be significant exceed 50 percent. Durham said.

As he emphasized, the American company found “significant resources” in Poland. -We met With more than 500 companies, We assessed their abilities, and with those we rate higher, we signed contracts and memoranda. It is a total of 34 Polish entities. But this does not mean that other companies have lost the opportunity to participate in the project. Those with whom we have signed warrants are highly qualified, but we will continue to look for other companies for potential cooperation. Durham explained that not only is creating supply chains in the preparation and construction phases, it actually represents the entire duration of the project. He stressed that the memoranda is the first step in building the chain, in the next step contracts are signed, allowing the exchange of some technical information, and such contracts have already been signed with some companies.

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service contract

He also noted that if the US bid is chosen by the Polish government, the expected schedule will be maintained Starting the first reactor in 2033very quickly, even within a week, the company is able to sign the so-called service contract.

Nuclear power will finally go to Poland. What does PO MP say about that?

Jacek Sassin is located in the United States of America. During his visit abroad, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets held talks, among other things, on energy …

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– They are usually valid for one or two years and allow you to start some work without waiting for the final contract to be signed for the entire project. Under this service contract, it is possible to start preparing the construction site, planning construction work and initiating licensing procedures at the Nuclear Regulatory Authority. Durham explained that this service contract is a fairly simple one, usually not for the purchase and supply of essential items, for example.

He also added, during the term of the service contract, a suitable and substantial contract for the entire project is negotiated. – But even before they are concluded, contracts are signed with contractors and subcontractors. This is the normal course. This is the best way to meet the tough schedule. If nothing is done when negotiating a large contract, Difficult to achieve the schedule stipulated in the Polish program He stressed the start of operation of the first unit in 2033.

Poland’s nuclear power program

As Westinghouse and Bechtel, we have spent a year and over $10 million to produce a highly detailed and reliable cost estimate and schedule for 6 AP1000 reactors for Poland. What we are proposing is very true As estimated in the MIT report from March 2022. MIT concluded that of all the reactors on the market, the AP1000 is the cheapest reactor available, both to build and to operate, Westinghouse Vice President emphasized.

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Leak at a nuclear power plant in Bavaria

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According to his assessment, over the past ten years, the approach to nuclear energy has radically changed in Europe and the world. During this time, many countries have set themselves decarbonization goals. With today’s high electricity prices, nuclear power is an attractive option. Especially stressed in Central and Eastern Europe -. – It is the best time for Poland to join the countries that have nuclear energy, as well as for the Polish industry, which can participate in all our projects AP1000 across Europe Durham argued.

As he pointed out, Westinghouse has shown that it is serious about Poland, opening a global shared services center in Krakow, which already employs more than 165 people. – This summer we hosted 15 Polish students in the United States, 10 of whom received job offers at our new engineering center in Krakow. There we are building an engineering service center for the AP1000 and other Westinghouse projects around the world. It’s not just about the Polish project David Durham added.

According to the Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PPEJ) Poland plans to build modern, but proven and large PWR reactors. Polish energy policy until 2040 assumes that in 2033 the first block of the Polish nuclear power plant with a capacity of about 1-1.6 GW will be commissioned. Subsequent blocks will be implemented every two or three years, and the entire nuclear program includes the construction of six units with a capacity of up to 9 gigawatts. Presentations were made to the Polish government by the EDF, the Korean KHNP and Westinghouse in cooperation with the US government.

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