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What are the benefits of the forest? I like science

What are the benefits of the forest?  I like science

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Oxygen product, water tank, air purifier, green first aid kit and energy source. Is there anything on Earth that can perform all of these functions simultaneously? yes! I’m talking about the forest, of course. And this is only the beginning! Let’s take a closer look at the role and importance of forests in nature.

The forest – our home

Man and his development are closely related to forests. There years ago he found shelter, firewood, toys and other food. The importance of forests to humans was so important that in some cultures they became the home of gods and many legends. Today the forest has lost that magical dimension to us, but it is still the mainstay of true safety and comfort in the lap of nature.

However, the forest is not just caressing paths, the gentle rustle of trees, and in the fall we eat mushrooms. It is full of natural wealth, and as an ecosystem, it is one of the pieces in the puzzle that affects the environment and its diversity. However, to begin with, let’s define what we can rightly call this term.

The forest is an area with a high density of vegetation on many levels, the dominant part of which is trees. Its appearance and other distinctive features vary depending on the climate. It is a living environment for many living things.

harmony of living together

The importance of forests It is a very broad topic. Let’s start with its biological diversity, that is, the multiplicity and richness of its life forms. Each element is necessary here and performs its specific function. For example, old trees look completely unnecessary, but they often hide hollows in the trunk, which makes them ideal as homes for many types of birds.

Shrubs grow with plants and shrubs grow with fruit, making them great food for even small mammals. Anything left on the ground in the forest will be taken care of by the ants. In addition, there we can meet very rare algae, lichens and many other living things, some of which may still be undiscovered.

Each of them is an important detail, and part of a complex network of connections that provide the vast wealth of forests. There are no more or less important organisms in this puzzle, they all create a harmony that ensures the stability of forest ecosystems.

What does the forest give us? green lungs of earth

Everyone knows that forests should be protected and new ones should be planted instead of the ones that are being cut down. However, we often forget why it matters. What does the forest give us? Forests are called the green lung of the Earth for a reason. Plants accumulated in it thanks to the process of photosynthesis convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into food suitable for itself. In addition, it gives life-giving oxygen, which is necessary for most living organisms on our planet.

The oldest trees surviving today are ancient pine trees. They are even 4800 years old!

It is impossible to say exactly how much oxygen a single tree produces, because it depends on its size, but also on the amount and area of ​​its leaves. The more leaves a tree has, the more oxygen it can produce. The maple tree is one of the known trees that produce the most oxygen.

Forests don’t just absorb carbon dioxide from the air. They can also remove dust and other dangerous gases from it. It settles on tree leaves and reduces the amount of pollutants we produce every day.

What are the benefits of the forest? Superhero in the fight against the elements

Forests, as we already know, are areas densely covered with vegetation. Especially tall trees create a dense network of underground roots. Thanks to this, forests are protected from landslides, but that’s not all! Fertile roots as well as algae and other plants help retain water. In this way, during heavy rains, the water above the ground does not flow into the rivers and then the seas, but is kept.

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Thanks to this, the forest becomes a huge reserve reservoir of water, which allows plants or animals during periods of drought or lack of water to survive in the most difficult times. What is more, Forests are also an excellent windbreak. As a result, the air flow slows down at a high speed, which prevents the formation of cyclones.

Forests help us fight the elements and protect us from many extreme weather phenomena.

How does man use the gifts of the forest?

In spring and autumn, trips to the forest are often associated with mushroom picking. Finding them among forest waste is great fun. However, mushrooms are not the only thing. The forest is full of raw materials that we use every day.

First, of course, wood. Not just for setting fires or heating buildings. Look around, you will surely find dozens of items made of wood in your home!

In addition, in the forest we can find forest fruits, for example, blueberries. Finally, it should be noted that scientists have found a lot of plants that are used today for medicinal purposes.

Forests are a real factory for the raw materials and oxygen we need to live. In addition, it is our reliable friend in the fight with the elements. Let’s remember to respect and care for forests. The importance of forests for humans is enormous, and cutting them down is a very dangerous phenomenon. We have to protect them!


Monica Tarasek

Monica Tarasek

I am constantly discovering the beauty of the world of biology and chemistry. I firmly believe that all complex natural phenomena can be explained in a simple and accessible way. I graduated in Biochemistry at Jagiellonian University. In my spare time, I smile a lot, walk with my head in the clouds, and when I am not developing scientifically, I achieve myself artistically.

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