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What are the best selling cars in Europe?

What are the best selling cars in Europe?

From January to the end of August 2021, 8,188,886 new passenger cars were registered across the European Union, EFTA countries and the United Kingdom. True, this is a result of close to 13 percent. Better than in the corresponding period of 2020, but it certainly would have been much higher had it not been for the problems with the availability of spare parts and the production of cars. And who is better in times of the pandemic? Fortunately, most of the brands are in black, and the rest are not that big. The exceptions are two brands: Lada and Mitsubishi, but in this case the poor results are due to the announcement of the withdrawal of these brands from the European market.

Unfortunately, the icon of the Italian auto industry is not doing well – Alfa Romeo, which posted a 15 percent drop compared to 2020. Renault (-10.7%), Honda (-8.9%), Nissan (-5.2%) and Ford (-4.5%) They are not very happy.

The rest of the manufacturers were already in the black, and the biggest increases were posted by… Smart, which had been offering only electric cars for some time. The German brand, which is owned by Mercedes, has grown by almost 90 percent! However, it should be noted here that last year, after the combustion cars were withdrawn from the combustion car show, Smart experienced a significant decline – from January to the end of August 2020, the company registered more than 84 percent. is missing!

This year, very good results were recorded in 2021 also by: the French Alpina (60.7% increase), Jeep (32.7%), Lancia (30.9%) and Kia (28.9%). themselves in black:

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Brand YoY growth (%)
Clever +89,6
Alps +60.7
pocket +32.7
Lancia +30,9
who – which +28,9
Hyundai +27,8
Toyota +27,6
land Rover +25,6
Mazda +25.2
seat +24,9
Porsche +3,5
DS +2
mercedes +1,1

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