September 23, 2021

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What do you look for when choosing wood for heating?  We explain

What do you look for when choosing wood for heating? We explain

It is worth emphasizing that wood (sometimes incorrectly referred to as firewood) has many advantages. Opponents of its use assert that it leads to deforestation. However, those who placed it before the coals state that new trees are planted in place of the felled ones, so that the natural environment is ultimately in equilibrium.

wood as fuel:

● It is a commonly available material and, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to regenerate (charcoal heating dust or coal is not renewable),

● Its combustion does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air,

● The content of sulfur emitted into the atmosphere during its combustion is low,

● Available at a relatively low price,

● It is possible to use wood ash (organic fertilizer), charcoal or fine charcoal. This is not allowed.

It can be noted that this fuel has many advantages, and hence its widespread use. Many people choose wood instead of charcoal dust.

It is worth considering whether the best solution would be to use wood from deciduous or coniferous trees as fuel. There is no doubt that the scales of victory in this case are in favor of the former. why?

Wood from deciduous trees burns evenly and does not emit much smoke. Its strong point is also its low resin content. Burning high-intensity hardwoods generates a great deal of heat.

Wood used as fuel is available at very different prices. They mainly depend on several factors:

– Where to buy timber, we will buy it directly in the forest area compared to the store, lower prices will apply if after contacting the forest area we cut the trees ourselves and take them from the forest;

– type of wood, each of which has slightly different properties and characteristics, and, accordingly, different prices;

– how long it has been seasoned;

– Area.

It should be noted that when buying wood, units of its size are used and purchased in cubic meters. What does this parameter mean? Determines how much wood can fit per cubic meter.

Below are the average prices for firewood of various types:

– beech costs from 170 to 190 PLN / cubic meter;

– the cost of trumpet wood from 180 to 200 PLN / cubic meter;

– the price of a poplar tree varies from 80 PLN to 110 PLN / cubic meter;

– for wood from fruit trees, we pay an average of 120-150 PLN / cubic meter;

– the price of oak is on average 150-180 PLN / cubic meter;

– For birch, you will have to pay 150 PLN / cubic meter.

The prices of firewood often change, when buying larger quantities you should know the price lists from the region, because you may be able to make savings by finding them at a lower price.

It is worth paying attention to whether the purchased wood does not have a lot of bark content, as this reduces its value. Then the price of firewood should be lower.

Poles decide to smoke beech wood relatively often. It gives off a relatively large amount of heat, burns quietly and evenly. Beech wood has a high caloric value, which is its plus. It should be dried for about two years.

Fire oak is also very popular. Its smell during burning is pleasant, because it contains the substance of tannins. This wood is often used to smoke food. Burns long and evenly. As wood for the stove, it works well.

The energy value of oak fuel is high. It usually dries for a long time, and sometimes 3 years are needed to achieve the desired level of humidity.

Pine is a type of firewood / firewood, which is very common in our country, but its properties are somewhat undesirable. A lot of excitement when burning wood of this type and staining the interior of the stove is one of its major drawbacks. However, pine wood can be used to make a fire, and it will work well in this case.

Birch is often used as wood for fireplaces. It should be dried for at least 1.5 years, relatively soon. The pleasant aroma of this wood is appreciated when smoked. Birch wood burns with a blue flame.

On the other hand, alder is a good solution for smoking dishes. As firewood, it works much worse. why? It must be well dried, otherwise it will burn badly. So the popularity of alder for stoves and fireplaces is not very high.

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