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What do you make of chamomile flowers? It is suitable not only for tea – Zdrowie Wprost

What do you make of chamomile flowers?  It is suitable not only for tea - Zdrowie Wprost

This is one of the most popular herbs. Smell of chamomile, slightly sweet and herbal, it’s hard to go wrong with anything. Chamomile flowers have soothing, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has an antifungal and soothing effect on irritated mucous membranes. It is ideal for gastritis. Even people with peptic ulcers can drink chamomile.

How do you use chamomile in the kitchen?

Fresh chamomile flowers are edible. It provides almost unlimited possibilities for using chamomile in the kitchen.

  • for sweets. You can decorate cakes and cupcakes with flowers. You can dip it in jelly and taste it with a sweet syrup (for example for pouring ice cream – make syrup from water, sugar, chamomile flowers and lemon juice).
  • for dry dishes. Chamomile flowers will decorate summer soups and will be a great addition to any salad (for example, with spinach, edible pancakes or nasturtiums). You can also use it as an addition to Italian casseroles and focaccia.
  • for drinks. Add chamomile flowers to lukewarm lemon juice. You can also taste alcoholic drinks with them.

What can chamomile be made of?

Chamomile is often used in cosmetics due to its soothing properties. At home, you can also make a chamomile spa. Just add fresh chamomile flowers to the bath (if you don’t want the flowers floating in the bathtub, put them in a fluffy cloth bag and hang them over the faucet). You can put a bouquet of chamomile in the bedroom. The delicate fragrance will take you to the summer meadow and help you sleep better.

If you are picking chamomile yourself, be sure to look for the flowers away from busy streets and other sources of pollution. It is best to harvest herbs on dry, clear days.

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