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What does Siluya Majdan look like today? She was Radosław Majdan’s wife long before Małgorzata Rozenek (PHOTOS)

What does Siluya Majdan look like today?  She was Radosław Majdan's wife long before Małgorzata Rozenek (PHOTOS)

Małgorzata Rozenek and Radosław Majdan Today they are one of the most popular Polish business couples. Although today they are a harmonious marriage, and their lives are followed every day by thousands of netizens, they previously settled on their lives alongside other partners. Both GretelHer current husband has two marriages that ended in divorce.

Małgorzata Rozenek and Radosław Majdan have two failed marriages behind each other

It’s no secret that Małgorzata Rozenek And the Radoslav Majdan They said “yes” to each other after years of living together with other partners. Qousia’s first husband was a lawyer Łukasz Bukaczewskiwhom she married while she was still studying. Years later, she became a wife in turn Jacek Rosenkwho bore children Stanislaw and Tadeusz. Today, he has very good contact with the children’s father, and he raises the boys on a daily basis Radekwhich was with her the smallest purchase in “Gang Majdan”, hina.

With Majdan, the situation was a little simpler, because the footballer received his first consolation Malagosia. As long as the previous marriage Radek It was a very informative communication, few people can remember that years ago, he pledged love and loyalty, also in a certain way Siluya Kuperkevich. Siluya MajdanAs she appears under that name today, she became his wife in 1998 and now works in the fashion world.

She was the first wife of Radosław Majdan. What’s wrong with Siluya Majdan?

Many years have passed since their divorce, and his first wife fulfilled her biggest dream and realized herself as a designer. in 2004 Siluya Majdan She founded her own clothing brand and that’s what she does to this day. Unlike her ex-husband, she avoided the brightness on the walls and attended only fashion shows, which were related to her professional activities.

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It is worth noting that profession siluya It was no accident, because she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in لودód and Szczecin University in marketing and management, and during her student days worked as a model. In turn, she never aspired to be famous.

fashion design siluya It has been worn by many local celebrities including Natalia Siwick oh my love Grzegorz Krychowiak and Celia Jonat. Moreover, the first of them is a long-term acquaintance with Radek’s ex-wife, which she admitted in one of the interviews. The extension of Sylwia’s fashion activity has become Instagram, where, in addition to the brand profile, she also runs a profile in which she flaunts her everyday styles.

See what Siluya Majdan looks like today. I’ve changed a lot?

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This nose surgery came out very well 👍👃🏼

the most beautiful women

She writes about his ex-wife who works as a designer and begins the article with his current wife and ex-husband. It’s a bit insulting to a woman who has achieved something.. who writes these articles?

Looks like she wrote this article about herself 😂

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She is very rude with the staff in restaurants, it is a pity to talk about her current partner/husband. “You know who I am?” On the agenda in a restaurant they often visit in Szczecin ….

I know her tailoring, studio in the Polish army, but with this “world” of fashion, I paid little money for it, actually like the fashion world

So now all of Maidan’s sweat is going to scare us every day?

She looks like a nice ordinary woman, congratulations on your career success and stability of your life. It’s clear that taking a healthy approach and avoiding the celebrity life works — and it’s great.

It’s not an invasion, just a Polish local fashion place.

How ambitious are all these ladies….just fashion, fashion, fashion + raise then like from one mother

How many Maidanov are there actually? Hahahahahaha

So she revealed that every Szczecin was laughing at her. Hello Hello

From the entire article, the change in the nose is in the first place, that’s all

Beautiful without linden. Just like now. The man lowers the rating with each new wife.

Who cares about Maidan and his wife

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