July 27, 2021

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Jakie kwiaty sadzimy wśród warzyw?

What flowers do we plant among vegetables? – Health and Beauty – Lifestyle – Podkarpackie Life

Fragrant flowers among vegetables? Yeah! Although we usually grow them separately, it is worth breaking the pattern. A vegetable garden filled with colorful flowers will not only look beautiful, but also become an attractive place for pollination of insects. In many cases, the fertility of our crops depends on it.

What do you plant?

Bees, bumblebees and other pollinators such as honey plants. To entice them, it is worth planting fragrant plants of various shapes and colors in the vicinity of the vegetables, so that something blooms all season. They can be, among others, mint, hyssop, lavender, thyme, nasturtium, oriental poppy, yarrow or St. Nicholas’ Day. Butterflies prefer: roses, zinnias, sailfish, catnip, thyme, asters and whipworms. It should be noted that many of the plants mentioned can be used in the kitchen or as an herbal raw material.

city ​​park

More and more people are planning to grow vegetables on the balcony and terrace – in this case, it is also worth remembering the colorful neighboring areas for flowers. In a city where nature must rival civilization, this is of particular importance. By attracting beneficial insects, we can easily contribute to the enrichment of the urban ecosystem.

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