October 18, 2021

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What happened to Marcin Prokop's face?  Unrecognizable!

What happened to Marcin Prokop’s face? Unrecognizable!

Marcin Prokop has been a co-presenter of “Dzień Dobry TVN” since 2007 and performs with Dorota Wellman. This duo kidnapped the audience! Their personalities, humor and clever jokes made them the most popular pair of leaders.

Recently, Marcin Prokop appeared in the breakfast room in disrepair. It’s not known if it’s due to exhaustion, illness, a late night, or perhaps just a lack of sleep. However, the presenter looked so unfavorable that there are speculations about the causes of swelling.

The photo of the “bloated” journalist appeared on social media immediately after the program ended. You can clearly see the swollen eyes and swollen face. Hopefully it’s just the wrong makeup!

It remains for us to wish you a lot of health!

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