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What happens to Cara Delevingne? Her mother, a British aristocrat, suffered from a heroin addiction…

What happens to Cara Delevingne?  Her mother, a British aristocrat, suffered from a heroin addiction...

Echoes of annoying images have not been silenced for several days Carrie Delevingnewho was walking around the airport wearing socks and a misty expression on her face, smoking cigarette after cigarette. There is no shortage of speculation in the media that the supermodel is To deal with addiction that eliminates it.

It seems that this version of events was confirmed by the last visit Margot Robbie In the British residence, which – according to many netizens – was present as interference. After she left her friend’s house, Margot, clearly angry, could not hold back her tears. As if that wasn’t enough, Kara Friday did not appear at New York Fashion Week dinner in honor of the deceased in 2019 Karl Lagerfeld. It was he who contributed to its promotion on the catwalks of the world a decade ago. The star’s representatives reported that Kara will not appear at the party due to “Health problems”.

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Delevingne hails from the British aristocracy and her family is one of the oldest and wealthiest families in London. Since childhood, Kara met famous and influential people, his grandfather – sir Jocelyn Stevens He made sure his granddaughter had an amazing career. Despite the undoubted advantages, the childhood of the model was not as colorful as it might seem. It turns out that Carrie’s mother, Pandora DelevingneIn her youth, she struggled with him heroin addiction. In addition, the 63-year-old aristocrat suffers from bipolar disorder “It almost drove her to death several times.” Her daughter reported her condition when she was 13 years old.

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Almost everyone has an unpleasant family history. My life was so stressful, so messy, and often times I didn’t know how my loved ones were really – The model admitted in an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” a few years ago. There was never a second in our mother’s life that she didn’t quite love us. But there were also some very awkward moments when we had to say goodbye to her which made me very protective of my sisters.

It is said that Kara’s friends are desperate and are doing everything they can to get the 30-year-old to go to rehab.

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I want to see Rosinick at the TV ball.

Her mother was addicted to heroin. This indicates that her childhood, despite being rich, may have been a horror movie. Heroin is terrible crap, worse. Few people managed to get out of this nonsense. And even if the changes in psyche and physical health are already permanent. So I don’t think her mother would be able to function as an ordinary woman who loves her children. Unfortunately, addiction is genetic as well as mental illness. Cara’s got a lot from fate, but I think a lot has been taken from her. As in life, nothing comes for free. The environment he runs didn’t help either, most junkies out there. It’s no secret that drugs are getting harder before and after performances. This is how this business works. It is rooting for her anyway. She always seemed to me to be a rebel. Not some sprayer with mouth pump.

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In recent shows (Fallon, etc.) she’s at least had Coke. It is good that she has such friends. Unfortunately, hwood dealers hide or are afraid to reveal it. For this. Carey health.

It will be a tough battle. It’s Hera.

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Hehe, I just cut the cut with scissors that my husband got in Zakopane from his friend/boss. I’ve always hated him. Why am I licking? basic !!!! I am a wife and if he respects my husband, he will buy me anything too. He ignored me. I put it in the reports so he and the others can see where his slippers land 🫠🫠🫠🫠

Money is not everything, I guess fame lost a girl!

Does anyone get into the show business and don’t have great-grandparents or great-grandparents? As a teenager, I heard that I had the figure and body of a model, but the lack of acquaintances, rich relatives would not allow me to penetrate – authentic words!

Weak with beauty but her mother an English aristocrat, it is no wonder that the daughter worked despite her very mediocre beauty

I cannot sympathize with her, for she has always terrified me and I would be afraid to be locked in the same room with her. I’m afraid Ian Somerhalder is there. They honestly make me very anxious and uncomfortable when I look at them.

Looks pretty on a former champ.

They got free money and bragged about it

In other words

3 hours ago

another light

Dear Kara, I’m in Warsaw, on Miudwa Street, I miss you so much!! !! come when you want

And we already know why Kara made a career. Of course, rich at home, because she is neither beautiful nor talented.

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