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What he posted is an important map. “We have europaexit in Europe”

What he posted is an important map.  "We have europaexit in Europe"

Constitutional Court Thursday ruled on the superiority of the Polish constitution on European Union law. The Constitutional Court ruled that European regulations, insofar as EU bodies operate outside the limits of powers granted by Poland, are not in line with the Constitution. The ruling was issued in response to a proposal made by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in March to review the constitutionality of some provisions of the EU treaty.

The European Commission responded to the Constitutional Court’s decision. In the statement, she expressed “serious concerns” about the decision of the Polish judges. The European Commission also stated that it would “not hesitate to use its treaty powers to protect the uniform application and integrity of Union law”.

MEP Patrick Jackie has published a map of Europe showing which countries have recognized the superiority of the national constitution over EU law. The drawing shows Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Belka, Luxembourg, and Poland.

“We have #europaexit in Europe. These are the countries that have given themselves the right to investigate whether the European Union is not exceeding its competence in situations they consider to be in dispute. Only Poland cannot. And many Poles are still fighting for it not to be able to” – Jackie wrote on Twitter.


Tusk sounds the alarm

United Right politicians welcomed the Constitutional Court ruling. Many asserted that the Polish court way gone Many of their foreign counterparts. In turn, the opposition notes that the judges’ decision is the first step towards politics.

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The operation to remove Poland from Europe, planned by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is well underway. If we remain passive, nothing will stop him. More and more people today are saying that they only think of one word: betrayal. Because it is treason. Betraying the most important national interests and our ordinary Polish dreams of security, prosperity and freedom – assesses Tusk in the registry.

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