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What if there was an ideal “healthy city” in Poland? How will you look? – Super Express

What if there was an ideal "healthy city" in Poland?  How will you look?  - Super Express

It should be green, in a quarter of the area (Olsztyn). Don’t skimp on health care (Opole). It’s good when it runs 359 programs health (Warsaw), not 42 – as a result of the national average. For health, physical activity is good, and in an ideal city, there are 186.4 km of bike paths per 100 km² (Liszno); The average for all cities is 74.1 km. Bicycling does not end with physical activity. In an ideal city, there should be 189 sports facilities for every 100 thousand. inhabitants (this is in v Sopot), because the average in Poland is 19.7 … These are some basic numbers from the report Healthy Cities Index Regarding the quality of life in 66 Polish cities (with poviat status). its authors There are experts Lux Med Group, Warsaw School of Economics and Institution of Economics and Public Administration.

Taken under the microscope including. Implemented public health programs, deaths from selected urban diseases, green spaces or quality air. “The index is a tool that broadly shows what is important to residents, which aspects to pay attention to and what to invest in to create a healthy and sustainable urban space” – emphasized the authors. first place In the index, in the overall rating, it took … Warsaw (total 100 points), ahead of Opole (95.8) i Chorzo (85.6). More associated with “Healthy City” Bielsko-Biala (40.3) was ranked 23, and Jelenia Jura (9.7) 64th place. They are in the last two Świętochłowice (8.7) and Dąbrowa Górnicza (0!).

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Super Report 06.10 (Tomasz Siemoniak – PO, Andrzej Sośnierz – Understanding, former Chairman of the National Health Fund and Krzysztof Łapiński – former spokesman for President Duda)

“health must It is seen as a major component (…), because it decides what gives us economic power and what this power is supposed to actually serve ”- confirms in the professor’s report. Jerzy HausnerChairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Economics and Public Administration. The index includes the degree z eight areas objective Characteristic To run a modern city. One of them, the key – as the professor rightly believes. Hausner – There is health. Opole was the winner in this category. In this case, the experts took into account the number of and within health policy programs and activities From the National Health Program implemented by individual cities, as well as the average cost of their implementation. More than twenty categories of health programs (total of 2.581 programs) were analyzed in the study. More than 359 are served to its residents Warsaw (second place). They are ranked third Chorzo. The authors of the index hope to see the results can inspire City authorities to implement solutions that help improve residents’ health.” They may hope …

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