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What is a gaming computer to buy? PCs recommended for October 2021. Ready-made configurations at different prices

What is a gaming computer to buy?  PCs recommended for October 2021. Ready-made configurations at different prices

What computer do you buy for gaming? Which processor to choose? What are the best graphics cards? Internet forums are filled with similar questions, because the situation in the component market can change quickly and it is difficult to keep up with developments that turn previous concepts upside down. Before buying a computer, the future user is faced with serious problems inherent in money, which should be a strong incentive to search for the best solutions. This is why the following guide is created with recommended computers. Using our experience and our test database, we’ve created visually clear and realistically optimized configurations, which are a good starting point when assembling a PC.

Author: Sebastian Oktaba

The post is created mainly for not very advanced users with basic knowledge in the field of computer assembly, who need professional advice on what equipment to choose from up to a certain amount. Forum visitors and enthusiastic readers of articles on the PurePC site will probably be able to choose the best components themselves, although it is worth checking whether users’ suggestions are reflected in the editorial options. If very similar configurations are recommended in both places, we can optimistically assume that we will not find a better PC at the moment. Of course, the combinations are optimally selected and focus mainly on the price-performance ratio, but we never aim for maximum savings. If a slightly more expensive component is better or covered by a longer warranty, we highly recommend this solution, after all, quality and reliability are very important features.

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Wondering which PC is ready to buy? A guide with recommended configurations should help you make the right choice.

What computer should I buy?  Computers for September 2020 [nc1]

The basic configuration in the sets proposed by PurePC consists of only the basic components, such as the processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, power supply, disks and possibly an additional cooling system. In this case, the price of the computer case was not included, mainly due to the very diverse tastes of readers and the very wide range of manufacturers. However, we have prepared suggestions for this item – the basket contains only the essential ingredients, while the chests have a separate thematic section. In addition, peripherals and monitors have their own categories, where you can check recommended models and choose the ones closest to your individual preferences. Before you start shopping, also be sure to visit our hardware section, where you will find tests for most of the components recommended in the guide.

As a service that pays a lot of attention to overclocking, we cannot forget to include the possibility of overclocking beyond the recommended configurations. However, it should be clearly and clearly stated that a lot here depends on the skills and equipment of the user, so we simply cannot promise anything for sure. In the case of Intel processors, only some models with an unlocked multiplier allow free overclocking, which, of course, plays an important role in the whole process. Also keep in mind that extremely unsuccessful attempts to overclock can lead to equipment damage, and the responsibility for the effects of unskilled parameter changes always lies with the person who performs these activities. As the editorial office, we refer only to components that have an OC potential that may facilitate the achievement of specific values. For completely inexperienced people, we recommend reading the manual – How to overclock the processor (Link).

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Our collections are based on the online store offering, but the post is entirely author and independent. The store is nothing but a product base, and I pledged to supplement it as quickly as possible and to maintain competitive prices for the ingredients selected by the editorial office. We decided to cooperate with because they have been in the computer market since 2000, offering a wide range of products (about 50,000) and express shipping or personal receipt of goods in more than 15 cities in Poland. In addition to Every . user Requests More than 1500 PLN you will receive Computer assembly service for a symbolic zloty. If the proposal meets your expectations, simply click on the link highlighted in red, which leads directly to the basket of products. To take advantage of the promotion, follow the steps below:

  • special offer: Computer assembly service for PLN 1 and free shipping – what you need to do:
  • Put in the basket Computer assembly service (click here!)
  • In the basket with the order in the field “Enter the promotional code”, add: W3FHN58JFW
  • Shipping costs and price of computer folding service will change automatically – done!

Although we have been creating recommended computer sets since 2008, with the strength of the entire editorial office, we are always eager to listen to readers’ feedback and comments, after all, the list is for you. We realize that satisfying everyone is impossible, because subjectivity is a prominent human trait, but we will try to adapt publication to the expectations of the majority. The suggested configurations are the starting point, and they are tailored to the budget from top to bottom, but the theme is by no means the end. The new version of the collections always appears on the first day of the month, and is completely updated after two weeks, when prices and product availability can change dramatically. Under almost every component, we also put an alternative that is similar in performance and price, which you can choose without worrying about the quality of the computer.

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