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What is the antibiotic for three days? The pharmacist explains – Zdrowie Wprost

What is the antibiotic for three days?  The pharmacist explains - Zdrowie Wprost

What are three-day antibiotics and how do they work? The questions that bother patients are answered in an accessible way by pharmacist Alexandra Berdez, who manages an Instagram profile. @employee.

Patients are forced to fire antibiotics

It happened to me several times that someone was “forced” to release a so-called antibiotic. Three days without a prescription. Commenting: “Three days of use, one time and you’ll get me back on my feet…that’s nothing.” Despite the fact that most infections are colds and flus, there are times when we want to take an antibiotic anyway, just in case – maybe a fork will help. These 3 days of treatment often wreaks more havoc on the body than these longer 7-10 day treatments with dosing 2-3 times a day, the pharmacist writes.

What is the antibiotic for three days?

As explained by the pharmacist, the antibiotic for three days is a drug containing azithromycin, which is usually enough for three days for many infections. As I emphasized, this does not mean that this antibiotic only works for three days – its effect lasts for some time. For example, three days after stopping a drug, its levels in the body are halved, but the drug is still present in the body and working. This means that the antibiotic continues to do its job of destroying the bacteria. A three-day antibiotic may work longer than an antibiotic taken for three days, for example with penicillin.


How do you take antibiotics?

The European Commission’s report and study on antibiotic use published in November showed that patients still had insufficient knowledge of these medicines. Patients usually take antibiotics for colds, and not many know that antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections. Experts tirelessly remind you that the antibiotic doesn’t work viruses. “Just a little reminder about antibiotics: it is very important to respect the dose prescribed by the doctor, the intervals between doses, and if we do not do this, the infection may return with complications and with greater force” – Alexandra Berdis summed up her entry.

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