September 21, 2021

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What is the family name of Queen Elizabeth?  Royal family title

What is the family name of Queen Elizabeth? Royal family title

Perhaps it is worth considering this question, considering that in the future he will become the king of Great Britain!

It is already known that Prince Harry’s sons, Archie and Lilipet, were named Mountbatten-Windsor after their grandparents.

Windsor has been a name for members of the royal family since 1917, when King George V decided that the family should stop using the German surnames of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, under which the family was accused of sympathizing with the Germans with whom Britain was. At war at the time.

He took the new nickname from the palace name, and the change was to apply only to his male descendants. Queen Elizabeth made even more changes after her grandfather – she added her husband’s surname, Mountbatten, to Windsor’s surname.

So Prince Harry’s kids have that nickname, but Prince William’s kids… they don’t have nicknames at all! Where does this solution come from?

Relatives of the Queen simply use surnames rather than titles. This means, for example, that Prince William and Kate’s eldest son is simply Prince George Alexander Ludwick. So does his father, who simply signs “Prince William” and that is enough to give him his identity.

Harry and Meghan gave up their children’s princely titles, so they, like most citizens, needed a title. Hence, Archie and Lilipet have the name “Mountbatten-Windsor” in their birth records.

Interestingly, Princess Kate also had to get used to not having a nickname. Born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, she is now simply Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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