October 23, 2021

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What preceded the letter from the Vatican to the American bishops regarding Biden?

What preceded the letter from the Vatican to the American bishops regarding Biden?

The story of the credibility of US President Joe Biden’s Catholic faith and the debate over whether he should be denied unity because of pro – abortion views and political decisions continues.

The final chapter of this story is a letter sent to American bishops by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Some analysts have suggested that this letter be an advice from Rome to postpone the Episcopal decision against Biden gaining sacred unity.

Letter from the Council

Priority of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, card. Louis Lataria sent a letter to the American Episcopal Conference on Solidarity for Catholic Politicians. This is a response to a letter from Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomes, President of the United States Bishops’ Conference. Gomez told Holy See in March that U.S. bishops planned to discuss unity for politicians at a session in June. read more:

Archbishop: We must pray for President Biden to stop misleading the people

What does American society derive from Joe Biden’s Catholicism?

Biden’s presidency raises a serious dilemma for U.S. bishops. “It depends on the evangelical credibility of the church they lead.”

Cardinal Lataria has now warned that the affair could divide them and that it would not be good to create a consensus on the matter at the level of the entire episcopate due to “disagreement”.

Cardinal Lataria also warned that the bishop’s position should be that apart from unity (which is certainly not possible at this time), he did not raise the issue of abortion or euthanasia, which is important in evaluating an action by a Catholic politician.

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The letter therefore limits the possibility of taking a clear position on a key issue.

As Vatican Stefano Fontana well noted, the Church is more concerned with the mechanisms of Church politics than with doctrinal ones, which are its main function.

Visit to the Vatican

According to all sources, the letter was preceded by a visit by two US cardinals to the Vatican and a conversation with Cardinal Lauder.

They are Blaise Kubich and Joseph Tobin, two nobles who openly oppose church punishment for Joe Biden.

The first news of their visit to the Vatican was published by journalist Edward Pentin, who wrote that Kubich and Tobin had spoken with Luther a few days before the letter was to be sent to the United States. Pentin did not write it directly, but there is evidence that they intervened to keep the content of the letter now.

Heckhard Mல்லller, the former chairman of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told EWTN about the arrival of two cardinals at the Vatican and the fact that the meeting took place as ambassadors for the Democrats. ”

“Bishops must be ambassadors of Jesus Christ and reveal the truth. They do not play for power and diplomacy.”

– he said.

As expected, the issue of Joe Biden’s behavior is becoming more and more serious, and the discussions about him are not only spiritual, but clearly political. This is evidenced by the cardinals’ visit to the Vatican and the letter that appeared to be its fruit.