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What should your natural cold fall packages look like? – Health Wprost

What should your natural cold fall packages look like?  - Health Wprost

The immune system is our body’s shield. Its main function is to prevent the penetration of microorganisms and to combat them if they occur. There are many products that can increase the strength of our immunity. It’s worth getting an effective emergency kit that protects you from colds and gets you back on your feet quickly.

A home first aid kit full of natural cold remedies

Herbs and spices It has a very powerful antioxidant effect – it supports the immune system. Many herbs and spices contain bioactive compounds that have antibiotic properties. It is worth eating thyme, thyme (dried and oiled) and sage (dried or infused – ideal for sore throats) during this time. Cinnamon, ginger and hot spices, such as cayenne pepper and cayenne pepper, have an excellent heating effect. They must be added to ready-made dishes so that the beneficial substances are not destroyed.

Honey and bee products Like propolis, bee pollen and bee pollen are also great elements in supporting our immunity.

Allicin is a substance found in onions and garlic. Which fights viruses very quickly. Eating a clove of garlic daily prevents infection from developing, and when it does occur, simply increase the amount. In order to neutralize the numerous volatile compounds and the unpleasant odor of onions and garlic, it is enough to chew a few leaves of fresh parsley. The unpleasant smell will disappear, and the parsley itself will ideally contribute to an increase in the intake of vitamin C and iron, which will strengthen the immune army of our body with new white blood cells.

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Vitamin C It shortens the duration of the disease and reduces the frequency of colds, so you should not forget to include a large amount of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

According to the recommendations of nutritionists, Fruits and vegetables It should be eaten in an amount of at least 400 grams per day in the ratio of ¼ to ¾, the more of them, the better. At work, no matter where it is served, we spend an average of at least 8 hours a day, so we must immediately include fruits and vegetables in our daily menu while working.

According to the Daily Fruits survey, only 21% of working Poles eat fruit several times a day, and 26% for vegetables. As many as 62% of Poles asked by Dailyfruits are convinced that they eat healthy food, in fact, the diet of most of them is poor in terms of nutrition. An analysis of the actual quality of the diet conducted for the purpose of the study revealed that more people who believed they were eating healthily did not eat enough healthy products. A diet low in individual nutrients can over time lead to disturbances in the functioning of the body, weakened immunity and the emergence of many diseases ” – says Magdalena Kartasińska – Kwaśnik, Clinical Dietitian with Dailyfruits.

It will be a real bomb during this period Rosehip, chokeberry, elderberry or black currant juice. When you’re fresh, you’ll find most of the vitamin C and other antioxidants in red and black fruits, citrus fruits, red peppers, and green leafy plants. Raspberries are streaky and warm to the bone marrow. It is good to pour hot water over fresh or frozen berries, add ginger and soak under a blanket with a cup in your hand.

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Vitamin D It activates the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight disease. It is worth eating sea fish more often, which is an excellent source of it. In summer, vitamin D is produced by sunlight in our skin. From October to March, when clouds dominate the sky, it is worth introducing additional supplements in capsules or in a shell – necessarily from cod liver.

It’s worth getting to Pumpkin seeds (zinc) and walnuts (omega 3)Which has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the reproduction of viruses and neutralizes the negative consequences in the body as a result of colds.

What habits should be introduced to strengthen immunity?

  1. Sprinkle tea with ginger and lemon
  2. Citrus fruits should be one of five servings of vegetables and fruits
  3. It is worth adding pumpkin seeds and dried choke to morning porridge
  4. You should eat oily sea fish at least twice a week
  5. Consider taking cod liver oil or linseed oil daily
  6. You should choose buckwheat as a dinner accompaniment instead of potatoes

Only a regular supply of the right nutrients can strengthen the immune system. It is worth remembering this, especially now when the body is going through a difficult autumn period.

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