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What will the iPhone 14 Pro look like? You might be surprised

What will the iPhone 14 Pro look like?  You might be surprised

It has always been said that the iPhone 14 Pro will be deprived of the distinctive notch in the screen in favor of a central hole. However, it has recently been reported that it is not a hole, but holes.

iPhone 14 Pro with two asymmetrical holes in the screen?

Ross Young & Hersp; – & Hersp; Display Industry Analyst – ClaimsApple has yet to finish working on hiding all Face ID sensors under the screen. so & hairsp; – & hairsp; Apart from selfie & hairsp camera; – & hairsp; The plate has another rectangular slot.

According to the leaks, It will look like iPhone 14 Pro To some extent:

If these reports are confirmed, the iPhone 14 Pro will be the first iPhone in history with an asymmetrical front.

This design is controversial, but Apple loves controversy

Apple does not hide the fact that Recognition values ​​more than visible values your products. A peek is enough to tell you’re looking at an iPhone.

This is why later iPhones look almost identical for 10 years. That’s why Apple has opted for a controversial design and has been sticking with it since 2017, despite the fact that technology has long allowed it to fill every nook and cranny of the screen.

The market is already full of smartphones that have holes in their screens. Round and rectangular. Singles and doubles. However, no smartphone has such a combination that the iPhone 14 Pro is supposed to have, so the new flagship will visually stand out from the crowd.

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Moreover, there are rumors that there may be something else…

The iPhone 14 will likely be shown for the first time in September.

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