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What’s next for the “N” ambulance? Is the health of young patients not in danger?

What's next for the "N" ambulance?  Is the health of young patients not in danger?

There are only two specialized ambulances of type “N” in the Lublin region – at the regional ambulance station in Lublin and at the autonomous public ambulance and health transport station in Zamoy. Specialized teams consisting of a doctor, nurse and driver are on duty 24 hours a day. Ambulance “N” Equipped with modern life-saving equipment, specially designed to meet the needs of young patients, including a transport incubator, ventilator and cardiac monitor. The staff’s skills and ambulance equipment provide ample opportunities to assist younger patients in a life-threatening situation or sudden deterioration in health. Urgent transfers with newborns and infants to specialized medical facilities are expected to be carried out by parents and hospitals that are not able to provide specialized medical assistance to the smallest patients.

They gave notifications

In July, the continued operation of the neonatal ambulance in Zamoje was threatened. This happened after the doctors on duty in the “N” ambulance (9 to 11 specialists work on duty) quit. We’ve written about it extensively in Date Week. Let us remind you that one of the deputies intervened in this case in the Lublin branch of the National Health Fund Slawomir Zawislak. – I could not imagine that the ambulance would stop going to children in need – said the member of parliament from Zamość.

The National Health Trust in Lublin argued that the activities of the “N” team in Zamość are insured, and care will be provided for younger patients. As she told us afterwards Magdalena Musiatovic With the National Health Fund in Lublin, I had meetings on this issue with representatives of the voivodeship, ambulance stations from Lublin and Zamość, and hospitals from Lublin, Zamość-Chem and Pia Podlaska.

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As of August 1, the “N” type sanitation team in Zamoje has been switching to 12-hour mode. The ambulance was supposed to be on standby from 7 am to 7 pm, and between that 19 a 7 services were to be provided by a team from Lublin. But the “N-ka” from Zamoś has stopped traveling.

Without doctors, do not move

– The newborn ambulance was suspended in July due to an unexpected termination of contracts by specialist doctors – he tells Peter Zajac, Director of the Zamoi Ambulance Service. – From that moment on, more competitions were announced and doctors who could complete the team were encouraged (only doctors, because there are no problems with nurses and drivers – editorial note). In the previous five competitions, despite price increases and changes in working conditions, no bid was made. Transportation with newborns is provided by a team from the Lublin Regional Emergency Service. I am in constant contact with the directors of the WPR and the National Health Trust, and we are still working on a systemic solution to the problem. There are a lot of people from different backgrounds involved in the ambulance return, but without the desire and goodwill of the doctors we will not be able to do anything.

How does the population respond to it? “In my opinion, it is a misunderstanding that this ambulance is not working in Zamoście, especially since the opening of a pediatric ward in Zamość Hospital in October,” one of our readers wrote, leaving no stone unturned in dealing with doctors who “do not want to work despite the increases.” Huge hourly rates.

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Others suggest that, as in the case of the recently opened pediatric ward of the “Pontifical” Hospital in Zamoje, it might be useful to have access to physicians from outside Zamoëan? Everyone assures that liquidating the ambulance discussed would be the biggest failure.

We will return to the topic.

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